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Market Intelligence and Competitor Analysis : Natural Resources

How We Can Help

With intuitive analytical tools and the most comprehensive and up-to-date intelligence on activity across the natural resources industry, Preqin allows you to drill down to the market sectors of interest to you.

Use Preqin products to:

  • Keep track of all activity in natural resources
  • Analyze trends in specific sectors, regions and markets
  • Complement your presentations and marketing materials with market analysis and insight
  • See where your competitors are winning new business and who they are working with
  • Review intelligence on where future activity is likely to be concentrated

Who Uses Our Products

With more than 200 research analysts located in North America, Europe and Asia, we are able to provide accurate, in-depth and actionable data on alternative assets that is not available anywhere else.

Our award-winning products are relied upon by over 25,000 industry professionals across 10,000 companies, including fund managers, institutional investors, service providers and academic institutions.


Private Capital Fund Terms Advisor

Private Capital Fund Terms Advisor

Private Capital Fund Terms Advisor provides vital information on fund terms and conditions to professionals across the private equity, private debt, real estate, infrastructure and natural resources industries, including benchmark terms, analysis of the latest trends, and listings of terms for actual funds on an anonymous basis.

Research Center Premium

Research Center Premium

All of the free research reports, newsletters, statistics and tools Preqin offers can be found in one place: Preqin’s Research Center Premium. This free service provides access to analysis of the latest trends in alternative assets, as well as benchmarking tools, useful presentation slide decks from recent conferences and much more.

Natural Resources Online

Natural Resources Online

Natural Resources Online offers a comprehensive overview of the natural resources fund industry, covering funds, fund managers, and institutional investors. Information is constantly updated by our dedicated teams of analysts, ensuring that we provide the most extensive, up-to-date information available on all aspects of the industry.