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Source. Evaluate. Benchmark.

Power your deal-making with our complete solution for investment teams.
Through our in-depth coverage of the alternative assets industry, expertise, and long-standing relationships with market participants, we help investment teams and M&A professionals make decisions confidently. Ours is the only platform on the market that links critical asset, fund, and performance data to give you a complete view of the private capital lifecycle.

Narrow investment targets down quickly

Search for businesses that meet your investment criteria, discover if they deliver the returns you seek, and build a more precise target list faster by leveraging advanced search functionality, machine learning, and data feeds.

  • Leverage a vast array of filters to find companies based on sector, location, historical financials, latest post-money valuations, round direction or that are dealt with by funds of a specific size or vintage.
  • Get early insight on future investment opportunities with our machine learning model, which analyzes millions of data points across the Preqin database.
  • Seamlessly integrate Preqin data into your systems and workflows with our Data Feeds to access large quantities of data, on demand.

Add confidence to your early due diligence

Access granular company and deal information and seamlessly integrate ESG insights into your analysis.

  • Easily compare companies and go deeper by accessing hundreds of data points for each company and deal, including on valuations, multiples, ownership structures, exposure to ESG risks, or the potential for positive impact.
  • Feel confident that you can rely on pioneering and rigorous methods of collecting, curating, and tracking private data.
  • Track all data to its original sources, accessing the filings underpinning company financials, valuations, and ownership.

Optimize your investment strategy

Identify attractive sectors and strategies with our industry-leading Asset-Level Benchmarks and focus on markets with the highest potential for value creation.

  • Deal Performance Benchmarks - understand the factors driving deal performance with information on returns generated by specific deal type, sector, and geography over time.
  • Valuation Multiples Benchmarks - identify trends in asset pricing and benchmark EV multiples against relevant peer groups. You can also view distribution of EV/EBITDA, EV/Revenue, and Net Debt/EBITDA for deals over time by sector and geography.

Our universe

We focus on investor-backed companies because their track record of deal activity makes them the most relevant investment targets for you. And we analyze millions of data points across each asset to surface the information that matters most to you.

Get access to:

  • Over 238,000 sponsor-backed companies - 75% of which with ESG risk analytics and impact potential data
  • Over 600,000 deals across buyout, venture capital, private debt, real estate, and infrastructure
  • Deal Performance Benchmarks representing 55% of all-time buyout deals in Europe and North America
  • Valuation Multiples Benchmarks representing 15-25% of all-time buyout deals in Europe and North America (after 2010)
Preqin is giving us access to mission-critical data and information through their compelling benchmarks and search functions, which improved our understanding of the industry, market predictions, data collection and analysis, and deal-sourcing.

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