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Monitor your portfolio and evaluate current investments

with Preqin Pro

Improve your investment portfolio visibility

Access an intuitive, out-of-the-box portfolio monitoring solution for a 360-degree view of your private capital portfolio, allowing for improved risk management and decision-making.

Create relevant and accurate fund performance benchmarks

Analyze your portfolio growth against any measure you like, including markets, industries, or your own custom choice, and get a better appreciation of a fund’s performance. Build the custom performance benchmarks you need to effectively evaluate your portfolio.

Discover where to rebalance

Access your personalized portfolio dashboard to evaluate your existing investments’ performance, understand your fund- and deal-level exposure, and assess areas you may want to adjust, without the need for third-party consultants.

Build a custom private capital portfolio

Our portfolio monitoring solutions enable you to create a complete private capital portfolio by adding or removing funds and providing your own commitments and performance data. This ensures you have an accurate, centralized log of your investments and returns information. All added custom data remains entirely private to you and doesn’t become a part of our larger database.

Find out how Preqin Pro can help you streamline your portfolio monitoring and reporting capabilities with a 360-degree view of your private capital portfolio

That’s why we use Preqin. You make our life easier by screening the market, collecting and validating the data. And with Preqin Pro, you’re offering more tools to go even faster in our market and portfolio monitoring.

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Preqin Pro

Access the industry’s most comprehensive private capital and hedge fund datasets and analytics tools.


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