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Know your market and utilize market-leading alternatives data

with Preqin Pro

Get a better appreciation of market developments

Deepen your understanding of the industry with access to comprehensive alternatives data. Assess patterns in the market and gain a clear perspective on present and historical alternatives environments. Discover which areas of the market are attracting interest and be at the cutting edge of new activity.

Achieve a comprehensive understanding of the market

Deepen your understanding of the industry with data on all aspects of alternative assets. Back-test with thorough historical data, monitor the market as it moves, and look ahead using a selection of highly granular analytical tools.

Develop and publish valuable research

Conduct insightful research, perform in-depth analysis, and reach evidence-backed conclusions with access to comprehensive global alternatives data covering all aspects of the industry, including fund performance, institutional investors, fundraising, deals & exits, and service providers.

Improve the value of presentations

Incorporate the latest charts and data into your slide decks. Foster learning and bring presentations to life, captivating your audience with unique insights and timely, real-world examples.

Access over 50 years of historical data across 117,000 funds with Preqin – the leading data provider in alternatives

76% of surveyed investors agree that compared to other private markets data providers, Preqin provides more comprehensive coverage and more reliable data than any other solutions available in the market.

We use Preqin almost every day, it’s part of our daily workflow and tools we use. I always have it open in my browser.

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Preqin Pro

Access the industry’s most comprehensive private capital and hedge fund datasets and analytics tools.


Stay on top of the latest developments in alternatives with exclusive industry reports, publications and statistics.

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