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Cash flow pacing and forecasting model

with Preqin Pro

Be one step ahead with cash flow pacing benchmark tools

Improve your due diligence process with Preqin Pro’s J-curve and cash flow pacing benchmark tools. Contextualize and evaluate cash flow behavior for a specific benchmark group and compare it with that of a fund to make more strategic allocation decisions.

Future-proof your portfolio with a leading cash flow forecasting model

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how your private capital portfolios may evolve over time with a custom cash flow model, enabling you to build a sustainable, long-term allocation plan. Take advantage of adjustable, multi-asset-class performance metrics at the fund and portfolio level to help you build a portfolio that fits your investment objectives.

Make the best strategic decisions with access to the industry’s largest historical cash flow dataset, covering over 5,800 private capital funds

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2/3 of investors rated Preqin’s performance, benchmarking, and cash flow datasets as better when compared against other data providers.

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