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Industry benchmarking data with Preqin Pro

Effectively measure your performance with fully customizable benchmarks

Place your firm or portfolio within the context of the broader market with performance benchmarks.

Use reliable data sourced from LPs/GPs, fully customizable benchmarks, individual cash flow information, and statistical measures to effectively monitor performance.

Access a wide range of industry benchmarks

Understand what it takes to be a top-quartile fund manager with our performance data. Track back more than 40 years across a range of strategic, geographic, and time-serialized benchmarks, including:

  • Benchmarks by strategy, asset class, and vintage
  • Public market equivalents (PME)
  • Evolution of benchmarks over time
  • Constituent funds of a specific benchmark

Compare the funds that really matter

At a glance, identify funds that are above or below the industry benchmark median using visual indicators, and remove outliers to convert to your own custom benchmark.

Build custom benchmarks and develop unique insights

Select four or more funds from a completely unique sample to create a custom benchmark and compare your fund performance to a niche group of competitors.

Compare multiple benchmarks and improve your reporting

Evaluate the performance of any private capital funds against multiple benchmarks and create more persuasive, data-driven reports and presentations. You can:

  • Effectively evaluate your performance
  • Understand how the wider market is performing and how you compare
  • Add competitor funds to your benchmarks to illustrate your outperformance

Take advantage of public market equivalents

Get a meaningful like-for-like comparison when measuring your returns using our public market equivalent (PME) tools. Benchmark the performance of a fund, or a group of funds, against a public market index and see how you measure up.

Access the largest dataset in the industry with Preqin – the leading data provider in alternatives

customer statistic

75% of surveyed banks rated Preqin’s Performance, Benchmarking and Fund-level Cash Flow datasets as better, if not best in class when compared to other private markets data providers.

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Preqin Pro

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