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Preqin Benchmarks

Power deeper performance analysis and enhanced due diligence

Leading performance data for private markets and hedge funds

Explore the industry's most granular and accurate alternatives benchmarks, customize them to your portfolios, and develop unique insights to drive better investment outcomes.

Analyze the J-curve trajectory and cash flow momentum of benchmark groups

Enhance your allocation decision-making with access to reliable track records of funds’ cash flow pacing behavior and return trajectories. Understand how much and how quickly capital is typically called and returned for a particular strategy or fund manager.

Assess fund performance against relevant public market indices

Use Public Market Equivalent metrics (PMEs) to benchmark the performance of a fund or a group of funds against an appropriate public market index, while accounting for the timing of fund cash flows.

Visualize the risk-return profiles of private capital benchmarks

Analyze and easily compare the risk-return profile of different strategies and create customized visualizations for presentations. With risk return analysis:

  • Investors can compare the risk-return profile of different strategies to make the best allocation decisions.
  • Service providers can advise clients on the risk-return relationship of private capital investments and determine suitable investment decisions.
  • Fund managers can support fund marketing by illustrating how a fund type's risk-return profile compares with others.

See Preqin Benchmarks in action
Create a Preqin free account and access a selection of our Private Capital and Hedge Fund Benchmarks today.

Evaluate performance by asset class

Compare private equity performance with other asset classes and private equity fund types with Preqin’s Private Capital Quarterly Indices. Get visibility of strategy and asset class returns since 2000 for historical context, risk models, and portfolio benchmarking.

Create custom benchmarks

Generate unique insights, extract invaluable benchmark data, and compare a broad spectrum of performance metrics with unlimited custom benchmarks. Choose a unique group of funds to create a custom benchmark and easily compare your fund's performance against peers or competitors.

Compare multiple benchmarks at once

Evaluate the performance of any private capital fund against multiple benchmarks side-by-side with Preqin’s benchmark compare tool. Easily create more persuasive, data-driven reports and seamlessly download your analysis into a range of formats.

Review performance of a fund strategy or geographic focus over time

Use horizon internal rate of returns (IRRs) to measure the momentum in a fund or your portfolio. Compare a fund's horizon IRR with its inception IRR to determine the impact of a defined time period on the fund's performance.

Preqin Benchmarks are ranked #1 for most used benchmarking database and tools

Make the best strategic decisions with access to the industry’s largest historical cash flow dataset, covering over 5,800 private capital funds

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Access the industry’s most comprehensive private capital and hedge fund datasets and analytics tools.


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