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Private Equity Overview

Preqin's integrated, 360° online private equity databases cover all aspects of the industry for all fund types, including buyout, venture capital, mezzanine, distressed, fund of funds, secondaries, natural resources and others. Preqin products cover fund performance, fundraising, buyout deals, fund manager profiles, fund terms and conditions, as well as institutional investors in private equity.

The Data

Since 2002 we have been working hard to ensure that our private equity products and services are both comprehensive and accurate. Preqin's teams of dedicated analysts regularly and methodically contact professionals working in the private equity industry to extend the scope of our information, and to ensure that the data we hold on them is correct and up to date. Analysts are also constantly monitoring all available private equity related news sources, checking regulatory filings and documents, and making Freedom of Information Act requests to all relevant organisations.

As a result of our determined, focused efforts, Preqin's private equity databases and publications are the most comprehensive resource available, relied upon by thousands of private equity firms and professionals every day.

Products and Services

Private Equity Online offers our most advanced and comprehensive private equity service, though our products are also available in separate modules.

Preqin's private equity data is also available in our publications, which typically contain detailed analysis and intelligence collected exclusively for the reports, plus a selection of the most current and timely data from our online modules. Our private equity data also features in our complimentary reports, factsheets and newsletters, available in our Research Center, as well as in the form of bespoke data requests for the financial press.

Portfolio Monitoring and Valuation

Preqin has formed a strategic partnership with Baxon, delivering market leading cloud collaboration software for monitoring, managing and reporting portfolio investment performance. The platform automates the compilation, analysis, reporting and exchange of a portfolio's financial information. Find out more.

Please contact us to arrange an online demonstration of our private equity services and find out how we can help you.