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2015 Preqin Alternative Assets Performance Monitor - Sample Pages Aug 2015
The 2015 Preqin Alternative Assets Performance Monitor provides unrivalled insight into the performance of alternative assets funds, analyzing performance data for over 20,500 funds. Bringing together extensive data from Preqin’s industry-leading online products, the Performance Monitor offers detailed statistics, league tables, charts and analysis of performance across the alternative assets industry.
Preqin Special Report: Hedge Fund Manager Outlook Aug 2015
This report features the results of our recent survey of over 150 hedge fund managers worldwide on their views, concerns and future plans. Plus, we look at hedge fund asset flows in H1 2015 by strategy, fund manager headquarters and fund size. 
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Hedge Fund Spotlight - August 2015 Aug 2015
In this month’s Hedge Fund Spotlight, we use our latest survey results to reveal fund manager predictions for asset growth for the rest of 2015 and their views on the level of competition in the industry today. In addition, we take a closer look at how investors source and select new opportunities, based on our interviews with over 100 investors in hedge funds, and provide a breakdown of Preqin’s latest data on asset flows in the hedge fund industry. Also this month, amid ongoing turmoil in the country’s equity and currency markets, we put the spotlight on China-focused hedge funds, featuring the latest data on fund launches, performance and investors. Plus, performance benchmarks, investors’ fund searches and mandates, and upcoming hedge fund conferences across the globe.
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Preqin Investor Outlook: Alternative Assets, H2 2015 Aug 2015
Preqin Investor Outlook: Alternative Assets, H2 2015, provides a unique and in-depth look at the appetite, plans, expectations and concerns of institutional investors in private equity, hedge funds, real estate, infrastructure and private debt. This report presents the views of more than 460 surveyed institutions alongside the in-depth data for more than 12,500 investors available to users of Preqin’s industry-leading online services.
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Private Equity in the Midwest US - August 2015 Aug 2015
With its rich industrial heritage, large urban centres and sizable working population, the Midwest region is a major contributor to US GDP. Here, Preqin presents an overview of the private equity industry in this business hub.
Infrastructure Spotlight - August 2015 Aug 2015
In this month’s Infrastructure Spotlight, we examine the rise in average infrastructure deal sizes by geography, industry and project stage, after pricing for infrastructure assets ranked highest in the concerns of institutional investors recently surveyed by Preqin. Also this month, in the first of Preqin’s series focused on infrastructure deals in emerging markets, we examine the Brazilian infrastructure deal environment. In addition, we look at funds in market and historical fundraising within the unlisted infrastructure debt market, and take a look at infrastructure funds that have held a close in the last month. Plus, upcoming infrastructure conferences worldwide and available discount codes.
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July 2015 Hedge Fund Performance Benchmarks Aug 2015
The latest hedge fund performance benchmarks for July 2015.
Raising Real Estate Capital in Boston - August 2015 Aug 2015
We take a comprehensive look at institutional investors in real estate based in Boston, including assets under management, current and target allocations, investment preferences and more.
The Private Real Estate Industry in France - August 2015 Aug 2015
We provided a detailed overview of the real estate industry in France, including fundraising, fund managers and investors.
Private Equity Spotlight - August 2015 Aug 2015
In this month’s Private Equity Spotlight, we examine whether the size of a buyout fund has any significant impact on returns, looking at horizon IRR data, the relationship between fund size and quartile rankings, and league tables of the most consistent performing buyout fund managers split by fund size; we ask the question: does size really matter? Also this month, we provide a round-up of exclusive news stories surrounding the growing private equity secondary market and look at secondaries fundraising in H1 2015. Plus, we turn the spotlight on Latin America-focused private equity fundraising, Asia-based LPs, venture capital-backed IPOs and follow-ons, and add-on buyout deals. Also, we provide details of upcoming private equity conferences around the world and available discount codes.
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