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Private Equity Zombie Funds: Industry Update - July 2015 Jul 2015
Preqin takes a look at the latest data on private equity zombie funds. A zombie fund is one that has retained all or some of its assets beyond its intended holding period, and may be struggling to create value in these assets and realize them for a profit. Preqin currently defines a zombie fund as any fund with a 2003 - 2008 vintage, managed by an active firm which has not had any successful fundraising for a follow-up fund since 2008.
Private Equity: Natural Resources Fundraising - July 2015 Jul 2015
Given the strong level of fundraising for private equity natural resources funds through the first half of 2015, Preqin anticipates full-year fundraising levels to be the highest ever. Preqin takes a look at the latest fundraising data from this area of the market.
Preqin Special Report: Public Market Equivalent (PME) Benchmarking Jul 2015
Preqin is delighted to announce the addition of public market equivalent (PME) benchmarks and individual fund-level PME comparisons to its Performance Analyst service. This report provides a number of PME benchmarks across a range of private equity fund types and geographies, which are featured with a selection of public market indices.
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Preqin Special Report: AIFMD in the Hedge Fund Industry - 2015 Update Jul 2015
The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), the European Union (EU) regulation introduced to harmonize regulatory standards across all alternative investment managers across the economic region, has been the topic of much debate since it was first approved in 2011. Since this time, Preqin has been conducting regular studies of both fund managers and investors to find out more about their outlook on this divisive regulation as well as to assess the impact this will have on the European fund market. In this report, we present the findings of our latest survey of hedge fund managers, conducted in June 2015.
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Preqin Quarterly Update: Private Equity, Q2 2015 Jul 2015
Global fundraising was relatively slow during the second quarter of 2015, with the lowest amount of capital raised by funds closed during the quarter since Q3 2014. A total of 243 funds raised an aggregate $113bn, with the largest proportion of capital accounted for by private real estate funds. However, venture capital again has a successful story to tell, with fundraising for North America-focused venture capital funds exceeding that for North America-focused buyout funds.
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Preqin Quarterly Update: Real Estate, Q2 2015 Jul 2015
Private real estate fundraising has remained relatively strong in Q2 2015, despite a small decline on the amount raised in Q1 – $61bn has been raised in the first half of the year and 2015 is on course to surpass last year’s total. Dry powder has hit more than one-quarter of a trillion dollars for the first time ever, and with so much capital available for fund managers to invest, competition is intense. Institutional appetite remains strong, but investors may start to get nervous about how the funds they are investing in now will perform.
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Preqin Quarterly Update: Infrastructure, Q2 2015 Jul 2015
Fundraising has slowed considerably in 2015, with the level of institutional capital secured by fund managers decreasing for the fourth consecutive quarter; $4.4bn was raised by six funds, representing a considerable decline on Q2 2014, when 14 unlisted funds held a final close raising $15.5bn. While fund performance has been strong in recent years, valuations remain the biggest concern for investors at present however, and fund managers will have to convince investors that they can find value in the current market if they are to raise money successfully.
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Preqin Quarterly Update: Private Debt, Q2 2015 Jul 2015
The second quarter of 2015 saw 25 funds across private debt strategies reach a final close securing an aggregate $16.5bn, marking the second consecutive quarter in which both the number of funds closed and the aggregate total capital secured within private debt decreased. Despite this, there are currently 233 private debt funds in market targeting $126bn in aggregate capital commitments, suggesting the fundraising market has the potential to pick up during the second half of the year. Investor appetite for the industry as a whole remains strong, with investors showing the most appetite for direct lending funds at present.
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Preqin Quarterly Update: Hedge Funds, Q2 2015 Jul 2015
Q2 2015 was a volatile quarter for hedge funds but still broadly positive, with hedge funds outperforming the S&P 500 for the second consecutive quarter. CTAs, however, had a difficult quarter, with many CTAs giving back much of their strong performance generated through Q1 2015. Even though the performance of CTAs in 2015 has proven choppy, investor sentiment remains strong; 20% of all fund searches initiated over the quarter included CTAs as part of the mandate.
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Private Equity: African Healthcare - July 2015 Jul 2015
Private equity fundraising for healthcare opportunities in Africa has reached an all-time high in 2015, but deal flow has not experienced the same momentum. Here, we examine the landscape for private equity investments in African healthcare.