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Preqin Hedge Fund Performance Update: February 2018 Mar 2018
We provide the latest hedge fund performance benchmarks for February 2018, including analysis for the year so far and the past 12 months.
Real Estate in Texas Mar 2018
The real estate market in Texas is one of the largest in the US both for institutional investors and fund managers. Here, we take a look at the opportunities available to fund managers, the fundraising activity of firms and Texas-based investors' appetite for the asset class.
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Real Assets Spotlight - March 2018 Mar 2018
This month in Real Assets Spotlight, we take a look at the North American infrastructure market to explore the potential impact of President Trump’s proposed Infrastructure Plan. Also in this issue, we examine natural resources assets under management & dry powder to gauge current industry trends. Plus, data on the infrastructure fundraising market and Europe-based natural resources investors and information on upcoming real asset conferences and more.  
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Preqin Special Report: Venture Capital Fund Manager Outlook, H1 2018 Mar 2018
Capital commitments to venture capital have grown in recent years, with the strategy – widely considered an asset class in its own right – appearing more commonly in institutional portfolios. This report brings together the results of Preqin's exclusive survey of venture capital fund managers towards the end of 2017 to ascertain their views on the market at present and the challenges they foresee for 2018.
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Preqin Special Report: Private Debt Fund Manager Outlook, H1 2018 Mar 2018
The private debt industry witnessed considerable growth throughout 2017, with a record $107bn secured by funds that reached a final close during the year. This Special Report looks at the results of Preqin’s November 2017 survey of 94 private debt fund managers, covering topics such as key issues affecting the industry, competition, investor appetite and future fundraising plans.
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