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Turner Mapping Healthcare Fund

31-Jan-2017 Source: Real Estate Alert

Low Hurdle Rates Divide Investors

30-Jan-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Njord Partners Targets €250m for Second Fund

30-Jan-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Why Canada’s Startups Should Look to Asia for Investors

29-Jan-2017 Source: The Globe and Mail

The Risks and Rewards of Asian Real Estate

28-Jan-2017 Source: The Market Mogul

ICG Pulls in $700m for its New Secondaries Fund

26-Jan-2017 Source: Real Deals

Venture Capital is a Double Dip Kind of Business

25-Jan-2017 Source: Financial Times

Private Equity Real Estate Funds to Target Alternative Assets, Debt in 2017

24-Jan-2017 Source: National Real Estate Investor

Credit – Five Predictions for 2017

23-Jan-2017 Source: HFM Week

Investors Hungry for UK Buyout Firms Despite Brexit

23-Jan-2017 Source: Financial News

Investment in Infrastructure Assets Soars to Record

23-Jan-2017 Source: Financial Times

Private Equity Firms Face Record Levels of Unspent Cash

23-Jan-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Preqin: Hedge Funds Thrived on Volatility in 2016

20-Jan-2017 Source: Foundation & Endowment Intelligence

Venture Capital Slowdown Hits Silicon Valley

19-Jan-2017 Source: Epoch Times

Private Real Estate Downshifts to Slower Gear

18-Jan-2017 Source: FundFire

Big Bet: A $250 Million Los Angeles Spec Home

18-Jan-2017 Source: Wall Street Journal

Top-Ranked Dutch Firm Waterland to Open UK Office

16-Jan-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Reporting Standardisation is no Panacea

16-Jan-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Tensions Rising Between Private Equity GPs, LPs

16-Jan-2017 Source: Asian Investor

Private Capital Rotating into Mining and Metals

12-Jan-2017 Source:

Advent, Bain Shake on Another Club Payment Processing Deal

12-Jan-2017 Source: Private Equity News

The Stories of 2016

12-Jan-2017 Source: Real Deals

SEC Exams to Focus on New Managers in 2017

12-Jan-2017 Source: HFM Week

Downward Trend for Fees Seen Accelerating

11-Jan-2017 Source: Hedge Fund Alert

No Private Equity Pay Rises in 2017

11-Jan-2017 Source: Real Deals

Secondaries in 2016: The Freight Train Rolls On

10-Jan-2017 Source: Real Deals

Alcentra Nears Closing for European Loan Fund Above Target

10-Jan-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Tony Ressler: Credit where it’s Due

09-Jan-2017 Source: Financial News

Mezzanine Funds Poised to Take up Capital-Raising Slack

09-Jan-2017 Source: Financial Times

Fundraising Expected to Brush off Challenges

09-Jan-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Here’s $58 Billion in New Investment for Resources

07-Jan-2017 Source: Pierce Points

Investors Allocate 22% Less to Private Debt in 2016

06-Jan-2017 Source: HFM Investor Relations

Private Equity RE: Strong Fundraising, Fewer Funds

06-Jan-2017 Source: Globe Street

10 Venture Capital Dealmakers to Watch in 2017

06-Jan-2017 Source: LiveMint

Neuberger Berman Raises $2.5b for Global Secondaries Fund

06-Jan-2017 Source: Asian Venture Capital Journal

Private Equity: Let’s Get Flexible

06-Jan-2017 Source: Bloomberg

Banks want Quality, not Quantity, from Hedge Funds

05-Jan-2017 Source: Financial News

IPO Shield

05-Jan-2017 Source: Reuters

Vista Gets Approval to Raise Largest Technology Fund Ever

05-Jan-2017 Source: Wall Street Journal

Distressed Hedge Fund Launches Almost Triple in 2016

05-Jan-2017 Source: Alt Credit Intelligence

Infrastructure Deals Hit Record $413 Billion in 2016

05-Jan-2017 Source: Financial News

Private Fund Managers Shift From Equity Deals to Debt

05-Jan-2017 Source: The Real Deal

Apollo Spinout Gamut Capital Closes $1 Billion Debut Fund

04-Jan-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Private Equity Remains the ‘Darling’ of Investors

02-Jan-2017 Source: Private Equity News

First-Time Funds Draw the Limelight

02-Jan-2017 Source: Private Equity News