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Is the Era of High Returns Coming to an End?

31-Aug-2016 Source: National Real Estate Investor

Apple Tax and Activist Plans

30-Aug-2016 Source: Bloomberg

AB Throws in the Towel on Infrastructure Debt

29-Aug-2016 Source: FundFire

How Chinese Hedge Funds Win Investor Trust

29-Aug-2016 Source: Asian Investor

Hedge Fund Outflows Total $ in H1 2016

26-Aug-2016 Source: HFM Week

Empiric Set for South Africa Fund Launch

26-Aug-2016 Source: HFM Week

Pensions’ Shift into Private Equity Ignores Risk

26-Aug-2016 Source: Financial Times

Beyond Headlines and Headwinds

26-Aug-2016 Source: HFM Week

Hedge Funds: CTA Funds Offer Bright Spot

26-Aug-2016 Source: Barron's

Investors Sour on Activists but Won’t Shift Strategy

26-Aug-2016 Source: Financial Times

Buyout Firms Retrain Faze on Central and Eastern Europe

24-Aug-2016 Source: Financial News

Why Funds of Funds Have a Future

23-Aug-2016 Source: Real Deals

The Dot-Com Deadpool is Back

23-Aug-2016 Source: Bloomberg

Ex-SAC Hedge Fund Manager Bucks Trend with Launch

22-Aug-2016 Source: Financial Times

Investors to Pile into Credit Despite Lower Returns

22-Aug-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Zombie Funds Reborn on Growing Secondary Market

22-Aug-2016 Source: Pensions & Investments

Still Small but Definitely Mighty

19-Aug-2016 Source: Financial Times

Schattenbanken breiten sich auch in Deutschland weiter aus

19-Aug-2016 Source: Institutional Money

Hedge Fund Investors Push for ‘Hard Hurdles’

17-Aug-2016 Source: Financial Times

Emerging Market Hotspots

17-Aug-2016 Source: HFM Week

Norway’s Big Bet on London Property

17-Aug-2016 Source: Bloomberg

The French Fundraising Market Divided

17-Aug-2016 Source: Real Deals

Och-Ziff Multi-Strat Woes Echo Across Market

17-Aug-2016 Source: FundFire

Hedge Funds: Big is Bad

17-Aug-2016 Source: Financial Times

Private Debt Investors Target Europe

16-Aug-2016 Source: The Lead Left

It is Better to be Lucky than to be Good

16-Aug-2016 Source: Real Deals

San Fran Tech Fund Opens to Offshore Investors

15-Aug-2016 Source: HFM Week

Vespa Eyes Final Close on U.K. Fund

15-Aug-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Angriff aus dem Dunkeln

15-Aug-2016 Source: Handelsblatt

Jabre Capital CTO Fabien Vernaz to Depart

15-Aug-2016 Source: HFM Week

Private Equity Clings to ‘2 and 20’ Fee Model

12-Aug-2016 Source: Financial Times

Smaller Reigns Supreme in Hedge Funds

12-Aug-2016 Source: New York Post

CTA Launches Decline 70% in First Half of 2016

10-Aug-2016 Source: CTA Intelligence

Singapore’s Funds Outgaining Hong Kong’s

10-Aug-2016 Source: Bloomberg

Energy and Beyond

09-Aug-2016 Source: Alt Credit Intelligence

Emerging Markets Hotspots

09-Aug-2016 Source: Alt Credit Intelligence

Transtrend Subsidiary KenTyde Closes

08-Aug-2016 Source: CTA Intelligence

Infrastructure Manager of the Year

08-Aug-2016 Source: Financial News

What do PE Investors Look for in a Target

08-Aug-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Private Equity Flip-Flop Puts Some in Capital Crunch

08-Aug-2016 Source: Pensions & Investments

N.J. Presses for Hedge Fund Savings

08-Aug-2016 Source: Pensions & Investments

Harvard’s Endowment Needs the Classics

08-Aug-2016 Source: Bloomberg

RE Debt Vehicles Targeting a Record $32bn

05-Aug-2016 Source: Property Investor Europe

Ex-DW Partners Director set to Launch Distressed Debt Fund

05-Aug-2016 Source: Alt Credit Intelligence

Les Fonds de Dette Immobilière se Multiplient en 2016

05-Aug-2016 Source: Business IMMO

Distressed Debt HF Launches Boom in 2016

05-Aug-2016 Source: Alt Credit Intelligence

Hedge Fund Inventive (Mis)Alignment

04-Aug-2016 Source: ai-CIO

No Love Lost

03-Aug-2016 Source: Port Strategy

Carlyle Pumps up Direct Lending Biz

03-Aug-2016 Source: FundFire

What Real Estate Investors are Bracing for Through Year-End

02-Aug-2016 Source: National Real Estate Investor

Direct Lending Grows Strong in France

02-Aug-2016 Source: Opalesque

First-Time Private Debt Fundraising

01-Aug-2016 Source: The Lead Left

Ex-Barclays Fixed Income Head Builds Commodity Hedge Fund

01-Aug-2016 Source: Hedge Funds Review

Venture Girds for More Exit Uncertainty

01-Aug-2016 Source: peHUB

Italian Buyout Market has a Renaissance

01-Aug-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Investor Demands Drive Evolution of Fund Structures

01-Aug-2016 Source: Private Equity News