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CVC Beats Target with Special Situations Fund

30-Jun-2016 Source: Financial News

Prophets and Profiteers

30-Jun-2016 Source: The Economist

Private Equity has a Crush on Tech

30-Jun-2016 Source: Wall Street Journal

Buyout Giant Raises £5.7bn for European Fund

29-Jun-2016 Source: City AM

Infrastructure Asia: Missed Opportunity?

29-Jun-2016 Source: IPE Real Estate

Real Assets: The Bigger Picture

29-Jun-2016 Source: IPE Real Estate

Credit Hedge Fund Performance in 2016 YTD

27-Jun-2016 Source: The Lead Left

Investors that Love Private Debt Still Acknowledge the Risks

27-Jun-2016 Source: Pensions & Investments

Longer-Term Funds Gather Capital as Well as Sceptics

27-Jun-2016 Source: Private Equity News

London Firms Widen Their Search for Bigger Offices

27-Jun-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Rapid Growth in Korea’s Onshore Hedge Fund Market

27-Jun-2016 Source: Ignites Asia

Investors Rush to Fund China Tech Start-ups

27-Jun-2016 Source: Straits Times

Singapore’s Long Venture Capital Summer

27-Jun-2016 Source: Singapore Business Review

Brexit: Live Reaction

24-Jun-2016 Source: HFM Week

Private Equity RE Investors Seek Smaller Assets

23-Jun-2016 Source: Property Investor Europe

Buyer’s Guide to Dealmaking

23-Jun-2016 Source: Mergers & Acquisitions

Private Equity RE Eyes Value for Money

22-Jun-2016 Source: Globe Street

dormouse: The Quiet Creation of Systematic Alpha

22-Jun-2016 Source: FINalternatives

Credit Funds Falter in Market Shakeout

22-Jun-2016 Source: FundFire

Pension Tensions Mount Ahead of Brexit Vote

22-Jun-2016 Source: ai-CIO

Top 10 Real Estate Private Equity Fund Managers

22-Jun-2016 Source: National Real Estate Investor

Classic Cars get Top Marques as High-Powered Assets

22-Jun-2016 Source: Financial Times

Micro VC: Small is Beautiful

22-Jun-2016 Source: Asian Venture Capital Journal

Where will the AIFMD Passport be Extended to?

21-Jun-2016 Source: HFM Week

Chicago Dealmakers Brace for a Recession

21-Jun-2016 Source: Crain's Chicago

KKR Closes Dedicated European Real Estate Fund

21-Jun-2016 Source: The Street

Distressed Investing in Europe

21-Jun-2016 Source: Financier Worldwide

PE M&A Declines in Q1

21-Jun-2016 Source: Financier Worldwide

Investcorp Seals Italian Deal Amid Boom in Buyout Activity

21-Jun-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Private Debt Dry Powder: Regional Contrasts

20-Jun-2016 Source: The Lead Left

US Real Estate: A Storm is Brewing

20-Jun-2016 Source: PIMCO

Private Equity Newbies Beat Terra Firma to Tesco Asset

17-Jun-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Distressed Investors Struggle to Find Bargains in the Oil Patch

17-Jun-2016 Source: Private Equity News

HP Lays the Foundation for a New Investment Model

17-Jun-2016 Source: Institutional Investor

Hedge Funds up 1.01% in May, 5.44% YTD

17-Jun-2016 Source: FINalternatives

Brexit? Forget it, say European hedge funds

17-Jun-2016 Source: News Markets

Hedge funds culled as performance sags

16-Jun-2016 Source: Financial Times

CTAs in Hot Demand in 2016

15-Jun-2016 Source: Hedge Nordic

Hedge Funds Strive to Keep Investors

15-Jun-2016 Source: Business Times

Foreign Demand Driving Largest Real Estate Deals

15-Jun-2016 Source: Straits Times

Latam and Russian Funds Lead the Way in 2016

15-Jun-2016 Source: HFM Week

Keeping it Private

15-Jun-2016 Source: Alpha Q

Hedge Funds: Trendy Again

14-Jun-2016 Source: Financial Times

Gilde Healthcare Closes Latest Fund on €250m

14-Jun-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Real Estate Investors Passing over US to Find Good Deals in Europe

13-Jun-2016 Source: Pensions & Investments

Energy-Focused Fundraising Sees Gains in 2015

13-Jun-2016 Source: Wall Street Journal

Lansdowne To Reap Windfall from LinkedIn Deal

13-Jun-2016 Source: Financial Times

Investors Flock to CTAs, Despite Misgivings

13-Jun-2016 Source: Institutional Investor

Hedge Fund Investors Seek CTAs in 2016

10-Jun-2016 Source: HedgeCo.Net

Investors Pile Into Quant Funds

10-Jun-2016 Source: Financial Times

China Puts Faith in Start-up Boom

09-Jun-2016 Source: Financial Times

Women Still Struggle to Break into Hedge Funds

09-Jun-2016 Source: Institutional Investor

CTAs Gaining Assets as Investors Increase Allocations

09-Jun-2016 Source: FINalternatives

Ares Raises €2.5bn to Fund European Private Debt

09-Jun-2016 Source: Financial Times

Institutional investor appetite for CTA strategies growing

09-Jun-2016 Source: Pensions & Investments

Is Micro VC the New Macro Trend

09-Jun-2016 Source: ValueWalk

PE Investment Slows Ahead of UK Referendum

08-Jun-2016 Source: S&P Global

Dai’s Take: Asia’s Private Debt Market Comes of Age

08-Jun-2016 Source: Wall Street Journal

Bridgewater $23B Lighter, But Way Out in Front

08-Jun-2016 Source: FundFire

Carlyle Cranks up Big Private Debt Push

08-Jun-2016 Source: FundFire

Private Debt Firms Maintain Lower Management Fees

07-Jun-2016 Source: The Lead Left

Stapled Secondaries Continue to Stir Industry Concern

07-Jun-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Quantifying Due Diligence

07-Jun-2016 Source: ai-CIO

Private Debt Investors Looking Eastward

06-Jun-2016 Source: Foundation & Endowment Intelligence

Buyers Boxed in on Prices

06-Jun-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Hedge Fund Returns In The Black, For Now

06-Jun-2016 Source: Corporate Financing Week

Research highlights weak first quarter for hedge funds

04-Jun-2016 Source: Global Custodian

Crisis-Era Tremors to Shake Property Funds

03-Jun-2016 Source: Financial Times

First Time RE Funds Losing out to Experience

03-Jun-2016 Source: Property Investor Europe

Le Marché du LBO de Nouveau en Effervescence

03-Jun-2016 Source: Les Echos

Follow Norway’s Lead into Infrastructure

01-Jun-2016 Source: Dividend