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Fund Managers Wrestle with Rise in Co-Investments

29-Feb-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Les Fonds d’Investissement en Embuscade

29-Feb-2016 Source: Les Echos

Commodity Hedge Funds Hope for Rebound after 2015 Rout

29-Feb-2016 Source: Hedge Funds Review

Hedge Fund Investors Want Fees Lowered

29-Feb-2016 Source: CNBC

National Grid Business Eyed by GIP

27-Feb-2016 Source: The Telegraph

Private Equity, des Gérants Engagés

26-Feb-2016 Source: L'Agefi

Private Capital Fundraising Target Rises to $946bn

26-Feb-2016 Source: Financier Worldwide

Ardian Poised for Final Close after Hitting $10bn

26-Feb-2016 Source: Financial News

Alt Credit US Award Winners Announced

26-Feb-2016 Source: Alt Credit Intelligence

Hedgeweek Awards 2016 – The Winners

26-Feb-2016 Source: Hedge Week

Corsair Capital Explores Restructuring of 2007 Fund

25-Feb-2016 Source: Private Equity News

AI View: The Alternative Asset Class to Watch

24-Feb-2016 Source: Asian Investor

Prime Broker Snapshot

24-Feb-2016 Source: HFM Week

Finanzinvestoren schielen auf Mittelständler

24-Feb-2016 Source: Handelsblatt

CVC Closes $1bn Tech Growth Fund

24-Feb-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Betting on Healthcare

23-Feb-2016 Source: HFM Week

Northern Trust Opens New India Office

22-Feb-2016 Source: HFM Week

TPG Tourne la Page de la Crise

22-Feb-2016 Source: L'Agefi

Sponsors Dip into Cash Piles as Asset Prices Soar

22-Feb-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Waud Closes Fourth Midmarket Fund at $1.06B

22-Feb-2016 Source: Dow Jones

Managers Crowding into the Commercial Debt Market

22-Feb-2016 Source: Pensions & Investments

Uncertainty Reigns in Private Equity

21-Feb-2016 Source: Value Walk

Good News for Investors is Bad for the Market

20-Feb-2016 Source: New Zealand Herald

Forlorn in the USA

19-Feb-2016 Source: Bloomberg

Dry Powder Stacks up in Distressed Debt

18-Feb-2016 Source: ai-CIO

Not Dead, Just Resting

18-Feb-2016 Source: The Economist

A Buyer’s Market in Energy M&A?

17-Feb-2016 Source: Hedge Fund Insight

Hedge Funds have Worst Month since May 2012

17-Feb-2016 Source: Citywire

TPG Takes Long Route on $10B Fundraise

17-Feb-2016 Source: FundFire

Distressed Debt Funds Accumulate Record Dry Powder

17-Feb-2016 Source: China Money Network

Distressed Debt Dry Powder Jumps to Global Record in 2015

17-Feb-2016 Source: Pensions and Investments

Healthcare Leads Asia in Value of PE Deals

17-Feb-2016 Source: HealthInvestor Asia

Direct Exposure: Family Offices and Co-Investment

17-Feb-2016 Source: Asian Venture Capital Journal

The Co-Investment Conundrum: Trust Thy Partner

16-Feb-2016 Source: Institutional Investor

Distressed Debt Dry Powder Hits Record $55bn in 2015

16-Feb-2016 Source: Alt Credit Intelligence

Les Rémunérations continuent de Progresser

15-Feb-2016 Source: Option Finance

Private Equity Firms Hall of Fame

15-Feb-2016 Source: Financial News

Direct Lenders go after Bigger Fish

15-Feb-2016 Source: Private Equity News

AIG to Redeem $5.5bn of Hedge Fund Investments

15-Feb-2016 Source: HFM Week

X2 in the Running for Brazilian Niobium

12-Feb-2016 Source:

Private Equity’s Valuation Conundrum

12-Feb-2016 Source: ai-CIO

Investor Demand for QIAIF Products on the Rise

11-Feb-2016 Source: Hedge Week

Unlisted Infrastructure: Appetite and Prices on the Rise

11-Feb-2016 Source: Corporate LiveWire

Why Allocation Targets are Giving LPs a Headache

11-Feb-2016 Source: Real Deals

Healthcare-Focused G Square Launches Fundraising

10-Feb-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Moving back into Macro

10-Feb-2016 Source: HFM Week

World Remit Raises Extra $45 Million in Financing

10-Feb-2016 Source: Financial News

Firms Dig Deeper Into Debt Markets

09-Feb-2016 Source: Wall Street Journal

Hedge Funds Make a Backup Plan

09-Feb-2016 Source: Bloomberg

Debt Funds: The Rise of Real Assets Lending

09-Feb-2016 Source: IPE Real Estate

‘Shadow Capital’ Rises Behind ‘Patient Capital’

09-Feb-2016 Source: Financial Times

Challenger Banks Move to Stand out from the Crowd

09-Feb-2016 Source: Financial Times

Asset Managers Step into the Funding Frame

09-Feb-2016 Source: Financial Times

Infrastructure Debt: Too Much of a Good Thing?

09-Feb-2016 Source: IPE Real Estate

Adveq Closes First Co-Investment Fund

09-Feb-2016 Source: Financial News

Brace for Impact

09-Feb-2016 Source: Real Deals

Steve Cohen’s Hedge Fund Investing in Trading Talent

09-Feb-2016 Source: Venture Capital Post

Growth Rates of Alt Investments Fall off for Year

08-Feb-2016 Source: Pensions and Investments

Renewable Energy: COP21 Acts as a Catalyst

08-Feb-2016 Source: IPE Real Estate

Private Debt Funds Take Over Leverage Lending Market

08-Feb-2016 Source: Private Equity News

How to Decide Which are the Biggest Buyout Firms

08-Feb-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Mid-Market Asset Bargains Become Harder to Find

08-Feb-2016 Source: Private Equity News

A Capital Market Explosion (Or is that Implosion?)

08-Feb-2016 Source: Globe Street

Manager Survey: 2016 State of the Industry

07-Feb-2016 Source: CTA Intelligence

The Incredible Shrinking Bond Market

07-Feb-2016 Source: EuroMoney

Private Equity Groups Under Pressure to Buy Own Stock

07-Feb-2016 Source: Financial Times

Bet your Real Estate Dollars on Debt in 2016

05-Feb-2016 Source: Barron's

Private RE funds distribute record €92bn in 1H15

05-Feb-2016 Source: Property Investor Europe

Italian Private Equity Fundraising off to a Good Start

05-Feb-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Will AI-Powered Hedge Funds Outsmart the Market?

04-Feb-2016 Source: Technology Review

Singapore Through the Eyes of Local Start-ups

04-Feb-2016 Source: Tech in Asia

India: Is there Hope Beyond the Hype?

03-Feb-2016 Source: HFM Week

Made to Measure: Customised Co-investment

02-Feb-2016 Source: Asian Venture Capital Journal

Argentina Opens up for Hedge Fund Business

02-Feb-2016 Source: HFM Week

PE Firms on Hunt for Bargains in the Public Markets

01-Feb-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Global Macros Set for Bumper Inflows in 2016

01-Feb-2016 Source: HFM Week