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Cayman Hedge Fund Cancellations Spike

29-Jan-2016 Source: Cayman News Service

Insurers Allocate More to Hedge Funds

28-Jan-2016 Source: Insurance Asset Risk

Verod Collects $115m for Nigerian Deals

28-Jan-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Blackstone Thinks it’s Time to Buy

28-Jan-2016 Source: Wall Street Journal

Opening up the Private Debt Market

28-Jan-2016 Source: Financier Worldwide

PE Distributions Prompt Investors to Commit More Capital this Year

28-Jan-2016 Source: Asia Asset Management

Asia GPs Struggle to Raise Funds

27-Jan-2016 Source: Asian Investor

E-Commerce Boom Drives New Real Estate Push

27-Jan-2016 Source: FundFire

Real Estate Investors Ride the Re-urbanisation Trend

27-Jan-2016 Source: Institutional Investor

Global Alternative Assets Hit Record $7.4tr

27-Jan-2016 Source: Property Investor Europe

Alternatives Managers see Record Growth

27-Jan-2016 Source: Financial Standard

Private Equity and Hedge Funds Saw Global AUM Hit $7.4 Trillion

27-Jan-2016 Source: China Money Network

Alternative Assets Industry Hits Record of $7.4trn

27-Jan-2016 Source: World Finance

Alternative Assets Increase 10.1% to $7.4 trillion in 2015

26-Jan-2016 Source: Pensions and Investments

Industry Assets Increase in Difficult Year, Managers Upbeat for 2016

26-Jan-2016 Source: Managed Funds Association

10 Must Reads for the CRE Industry Today

25-Jan-2016 Source: National Real Estate Investor

First Time is Hardest for Wannabe Buyout Stars

25-Jan-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Hedge Funds Falling out of Favour with Investors

25-Jan-2016 Source: Corporate Financing Week

PE Panorama: China Central to PE Performance

25-Jan-2016 Source: Asia Asset Management

Hedge Fund Trade Secrets at Risk from EU Regulation

24-Jan-2016 Source: Financial Times

Oil: US Shale’s Big Squeeze

22-Jan-2016 Source: Financial Times

Oil Contagion Extends its Reach

22-Jan-2016 Source: Financial Times

5 Women Making an Impact in Private Equity

22-Jan-2016 Source: Real Deals

Direct Lending Growth Set to Continue

22-Jan-2016 Source: Alt Credit Intelligence

Mid-Market Investment Funds Focus on Tertiary Markets to Remain Competitive

20-Jan-2016 Source: National Real Estate Investor

Banks Tap into Technology as they Prepare for the Future

19-Jan-2016 Source: Channel News Asia

Hedge Funds Suffer in 2015

19-Jan-2016 Source: Foundation and Endowment Intelligence

Legal & General IM Expands Private Debt Arm with RBS Hire

19-Jan-2016 Source: Alt Credit Intelligence

Le moment de Vérité pour les Hedge Funds

19-Jan-2016 Source: Les Echos

Trump Says He'll get Apple to Manufacture Products in the US

19-Jan-2016 Source: Conservative Read

Private Equity Landscape in Africa: Private Equity in Review

19-Jan-2016 Source: Africa Global Funds

Rubenstein: Private Equity Firms Need to Accept Lower Fees

19-Jan-2016 Source: Private Equity News

PE Panorama: Abu Dhabi SWF Pins PE Hopes on Dodge

18-Jan-2016 Source: Asia Asset Management

Les Fundraisings ont Marqué le pas en 2015

18-Jan-2016 Source: Les Echos

Flat Markets and New Cash are Pushing down Buyout Fees

18-Jan-2016 Source: Financial News

Shadow Capital Looms Over PE Fund Managers

17-Jan-2016 Source: Financial Times

Dog Days for Hedge Funds

15-Jan-2016 Source: Bloomberg

Investing in Distress Likely to Prove Tricky in 2016

14-Jan-2016 Source: Financial News

L’Infra a Toujours le Vent en Poupe

13-Jan-2016 Source: Les Echos

Preparing for a World after Oil

13-Jan-2016 Source: World Finance

Oil Slump Leaves Distressed Debt Managers Ready to Roll

13-Jan-2016 Source: Financial Times

Investors go Big on Hedge Fund Allocations

13-Jan-2016 Source: FundFire

Are Investors Expecting too Much from Infrastructure

12-Jan-2016 Source: Enterprising Investor

Investor Climate Cools for Renewables

12-Jan-2016 Source: Financial News

One Reason why No-one’s Buying Bargain Mines

12-Jan-2016 Source:

Will Hedge Funds have a Colder Year in 2016

11-Jan-2016 Source: The Street

Beijing Suspends New Registration of PE Firms

11-Jan-2016 Source: Global Times

Private RE Funds See Banner Year

11-Jan-2016 Source: Globe Street

Private Equity Fundraising Falls 15% Globally in 2015

11-Jan-2016 Source: Pensions & Investments

Investors plan to cut hedge fund exposure

11-Jan-2016 Source: Financial Times

Altamar Launches Venture and Infrastructure Funds

11-Jan-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Investing In Distress Likely To Prove Tricky

11-Jan-2016 Source: Private Equity News

After pruning manager lists, real estate investors now want results

11-Jan-2016 Source: Pensions & Investments

Moral d'acier

11-Jan-2016 Source: Les Echos

UBS Raises $241mn from Mitsubishi, others for Debt Fund

10-Jan-2016 Source: Property Investor Europe

Private Equity Fundraising Competition set to Intensify

08-Jan-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Private Equity RE Fundraising to Hit Post-Crisis High over €100bn

07-Jan-2016 Source: Property Investor Europe

Chinese Stocks and Long-Term CEOs

07-Jan-2016 Source: Bloomberg

Oil price plunge curbs capital raising

07-Jan-2016 Source: Financial Times

Alternative Investing’s Slowdown

07-Jan-2016 Source: ai-CIO

Energy Drives Record Year for Natural Resources

07-Jan-2016 Source: Funds Europe

Orange County Carves out Standby Capital for Rainy Day

07-Jan-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Wall Street Fine Print: Retirees Want FBI Probe of Pension Investment Deals

06-Jan-2016 Source: International Business Times

More Funds Raising Capital than ever Before

06-Jan-2016 Source: PE Hub

Private Capital Won’t Touch Mining

06-Jan-2016 Source:

Private Equity Real Estate Fundraising Set for Record

06-Jan-2016 Source: Property Week

Largest Closed-end, Private Real Estate Funds Raised in 2014

06-Jan-2016 Source: Pensions and Investments

Secondaries Proliferate as Buyout Deals Mature

06-Jan-2016 Source: Institutional Investor

Hedge Fund Liquid Alts Launches to Lag in 2016

06-Jan-2016 Source: FundFire

PE Secondary Market Outlook

05-Jan-2016 Source: Pensions and Investments

US PE-Backed Buyouts and VC Activity on the Rise says Preqin

05-Jan-2016 Source: FTSE Global Markets

European Firms Gear up for 2016 Fundraising Push

04-Jan-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Could Private Equity fill the Mining M&A Vacuum?

04-Jan-2016 Source: Business Recorder

Outlook 2016: Big Names will Dominate Fundraising

04-Jan-2016 Source: Private Equity News

The Sovereign Wealth Ruling Class

01-Jan-2016 Source: The Real Deal