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Getting Rich off the Management Fee

24-Feb-2017 Source: Institutional Investor

Investors Satisfaction with Real Estate Still High

24-Feb-2017 Source: Property Investor Europe

StepStone Exceeds Target with Fund III

22-Feb-2017 Source: Globe Street

Technology Drives Blackstone Buy of Aon Record Keeper

20-Feb-2017 Source: Pensions & Investments

Will Public Pensions Regret Dumping Hedge Funds?

16-Feb-2017 Source: Institutional Investor

EMK Capital Targets £550m for Maiden Fund

16-Feb-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Michigan Uni Allocates $50m to Apollo-backed CLO Firm

16-Feb-2017 Source: HFM Investor Relations

Hedge Funds Gravitate Towards Greece

15-Feb-2017 Source: Institutional Investor

More Hurdles for Foreign Investors

15-Feb-2017 Source: National Real Estate Investor

Gauging the Gatekeepers

15-Feb-2017 Source: HFM Week

The Long View: The Return of the Real Estate Gambler

15-Feb-2017 Source: The Real Deal

Blackstone Sitting on the Most Unspent Cash

09-Feb-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Even Bigger Funds Spark Investor Outcry

09-Feb-2017 Source: Private Equity News

These Investors are Dominating Private Equity

08-Feb-2017 Source: Institutional Investor

Apollo Gears up for New Credit Push

08-Feb-2017 Source: FundFire

HiProb Tradings Leads Three-Year Consistency Rankings

08-Feb-2017 Source: CTA Intelligence

Three Commodities Hedge Funds Join 130% Club

08-Feb-2017 Source: Financial News

Healthcare-Focused G Square Capital Hits €350m Hard Cap

08-Feb-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Carlyle’s Loss Widens on Hedge Fund Costs

08-Feb-2017 Source: Wall Street Journal

Private Equity Surge Spurs Faster Auctions

07-Feb-2017 Source: Financial Times

Oakley Capital Hires Former Charterhouse Exec

07-Feb-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Manager Surveys: State of the Industry 2017

07-Feb-2017 Source: CTA Intelligence

First-Time Private Strategies Take Center Stage

07-Feb-2017 Source: Foundation & Endowment Intelligence

Fund Managers Fear Stagnant Market

06-Feb-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Metric Capital Races to €850m Fund Limit

06-Feb-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Hedge Fund Investors Apply Core-Satellite

06-Feb-2017 Source: Pensions & Investments

Waning Returns have some Doubting Private Equity’s Value

06-Feb-2017 Source: Pensions & Investments

Private Equity, Real Estate Victims of their own Success

06-Feb-2017 Source: Pensions & Investments

Sovereign Wealth Funds Scale up Shadow Investments

02-Feb-2017 Source: Private Equity News

BlackRock Goes €3.7 Billion Deeper into Pipelines and Power

01-Feb-2017 Source: Wall Street Journal

Insurers Should Find ‘Alternative Return Generators’

01-Feb-2017 Source: HFM Investor Relations

Private Equity, Infrastructure Assets Grow; Real Estate Drops 2%

01-Feb-2017 Source: Pensions & Investments

Private Capital Industry AUM Hits Record $4.46T

01-Feb-2017 Source: FINalternatives

Luxembourg’s Raif: Six Months On

01-Feb-2017 Source: HFM Week

America’s Shadow Bank is Growing

01-Feb-2017 Source: Bloomberg

Private Equity Assets Hit Record High of $2.49tn

01-Feb-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Core Equity Holdings Looks to Retain Assets for a Decade

01-Feb-2017 Source: Financial Times

The Compliance Hurdles to Starting a Hedge Fund in 2017

01-Feb-2017 Source: HFM Compliance

Wall Street in the Age of Trump

01-Feb-2017 Source: The Real Deal