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Hedge funds seek lift-off in leasing aircraft

22-Feb-2018 Source: Financial Times

Hedge Funds Are Back!

22-Feb-2018 Source: Barron’s

Hedge Funds Seek Lift-Off in Leasing Aircraft

22-Feb-2018 Source: Financial Times

More private equity managers plan to cut targeted returns: Preqin

22-Feb-2018 Source: Investment & Pensions Europe

Preqin: Investors Turn To Hedge Funds For Defence

22-Feb-2018 Source: Alpha Week

Private equity has much to be proud of for 2017

22-Feb-2018 Source: Private Equity Wire

Institutional Investors Work Harder to Boost CRE Returns

21-Feb-2018 Source: National Real Estate Investor

LBA Fund Lines Up $900 Million

21-Feb-2018 Source: Real Estate Alert

GAM: Setback for CEO Alex Friedman

21-Feb-2018 Source:

Top GAM hedge fund falls 15% after volatility spike

21-Feb-2018 Source: Financial News

Private Equity: Overvalued and Overrated?

21-Feb-2018 Source: American Affairs Journal

Investment Consultants Push Private Debt

20-Feb-2018 Source: ValueWalk

European Private Debt Deals

20-Feb-2018 Source: Lead Left

Alternative Investments: A path to transparency

19-Feb-2018 Source: FinTech Weekly

Mezzanine managers losing places at table

19-Feb-2018 Source: Pensions & Investments

Many scratching their heads over White House infrastructure plan

19-Feb-2018 Source: Pensions & Investments

Private credit strategies in stratosphere

19-Feb-2018 Source: Pensions & Investments

Institutional investors flock to private credit

19-Feb-2018 Source: Pensions & Investments

EQT lines up record €10.75bn fundraise

19-Feb-2018 Source: Real Deals

Asian PE firms cutting cybersecurity spend

19-Feb-2018 Source: AsianInvestor

Blue Noble joins crowded European property funds sector

19-Feb-2018 Source: Financial Times

Hedge funds up 2.18 per cent in Jan, says Preqin

16-Feb-2018 Source: Hedgeweek

Private Equity stürzt sich auf Europa

16-Feb-2018 Source: Immobilien Zeitung

Hedge funds up 2.18 per cent in Jan, says Preqin

16-Feb-2018 Source: Hedgeweek

Hedge Funds Outperform Stocks, Bonds – AIMA

15-Feb-2018 Source: Profit & Loss

Over the top

15-Feb-2018 Source: Reuters

8 benefits of listed over unlisted infrastructure

15-Feb-2018 Source: Cuffelinks

Globalanleger vorsichtiger

15-Feb-2018 Source: Immobilien Zeitung

First-time fundraising slumps in 2017

15-Feb-2018 Source: Real Deals

Hedge funds outperform stocks and bonds

15-Feb-2018 Source: Investment Centre

The Rise of Private Assets Is Built on a Mountain of New Debt

15-Feb-2018 Source: Wall Street Journal

How private equity’s growth could be its undoing

15-Feb-2018 Source: Wealth Professional Canada

Will more regulation disrupt the PE sector?

15-Feb-2018 Source: International Financial Review

Private equity investors cautious of first-time funds

15-Feb-2018 Source: Wealth Professional Canada

Private equity investors cautious of first-time funds

15-Feb-2018 Source: Institutional Asset Manager

Building traction in the PERE fund space

15-Feb-2018 Source: Private Equity Wire

Large Funds Push European Fundraising to New High

14-Feb-2018 Source: Private Equity News

Rise of Megafunds Will Prompt Deal-Making Rethink

14-Feb-2018 Source: Financial News

Hedge funds charge forward with $250bn gains

14-Feb-2018 Source: City AM

Shorenstein Maps 12th Core-Plus Fund

14-Feb-2018 Source: Real Estate Alert

Private equity real estate deals ease in North America

14-Feb-2018 Source: Mortgage Professional America

Does Private Equity Really Beat the Stock Market?

13-Feb-2018 Source: Wall Street Journal

Why Private Equity Risks Tripping on Its Own Success

13-Feb-2018 Source: Wall Street Journal

Private Equity Investors Keep To Brand Names

13-Feb-2018 Source: ValueWalk

Private Debt Fundraising Momentum

12-Feb-2018 Source: Lead Left

PE Activity Falls In N. America, Rises In Europe

12-Feb-2018 Source: Globe Street

Buyout Firms Haven't Forgotten How to Go Hostile

12-Feb-2018 Source: Bloomberg

Nordic Soir

12-Feb-2018 Source: Reuters

Hedge Funds Aren’t for All But They’re Right for Some

11-Feb-2018 Source: Wall Street Journal

Public contre privé!

11-Feb-2018 Source: Le Temps

Banks betting on buy and build

09-Feb-2018 Source: Real Deals

Blackrock ahmt Strategie von Warren Buffett nach

08-Feb-2018 Source: Handelsblatt

Deutschland steckt in der Wohlstandsfalle

08-Feb-2018 Source: Handelsblatt

BlackRock’s New Ambition Is a Sign of Froth

08-Feb-2018 Source: Wall Street Journal

Resource Capital Raises $540.5 Million Towards Seventh Fund

08-Feb-2018 Source: Private Equity News

How to achieve superior returns with mid-market investments

08-Feb-2018 Source: Private Equity News

Private Equity Investors Shy Away From New Managers

08-Feb-2018 Source: Institutional Investor

Investment Consultant Outlook for 2018

07-Feb-2018 Source: Lead Left

Private debt market grows to record size

07-Feb-2018 Source: AltFi News

Edmond de Rothschild nets €345m for biotech fund

06-Feb-2018 Source: Financial Times

Buyout Firms Fight it Out for €2 Billion Sanofi Drug Unit

06-Feb-2018 Source: Private Equity News

Sovereign Wealth Funds Get Comfortable With Real Estate Investment

06-Feb-2018 Source: Thailand Business News

Les cleantech vont-elles sauver le monde ?

06-Feb-2018 Source: Private Equity Magazine

Inflexion Considers Writing Charitable Donation Into Fund Terms

05-Feb-2018 Source: Private Equity News

TowerBrook Capital Targets $5bn Across Two Strategies

05-Feb-2018 Source: Private Equity News

‘Wizard of Oz’ plans return with $2bn hedge fund

05-Feb-2018 Source: Financial Times

Too much, too late

05-Feb-2018 Source: Reuters

Funds jittery over stock market put their faith in alternatives

05-Feb-2018 Source: Pensions & Investments

Private Capital Firms Went On IR Hiring Spree in 2017

02-Feb-2018 Source: Institutional Investor

Tech Titan Sequoia Capital Plots $8B Fund

02-Feb-2018 Source: FundFire

Unlisted infrastructure assets hit record high

01-Feb-2018 Source: Financial Standard

Infrastructure Debt: Fast-forward finance

01-Feb-2018 Source: IPE Real Assets

What to Do With $1 Trillion?

01-Feb-2018 Source: Institutional Investor

Year in review: Rapid growth rules

01-Feb-2018 Source: IPE