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Preqin Anywhere

API, Data Feeds and Marketplaces, Plugins, and Partner Integrations

Boost your productivity by integrating Preqin data into your workflow

Preqin’s flagship platform isn’t the only way to access our comprehensive data. All data on Preqin Pro is also available through our Preqin Anywhere solutions, including our API products, plug-ins, and partner integrations. Each of these saves you time and resources by seamlessly integrating Preqin data into your workflow and ecosystem.

Flexible data delivery solutions to suit your needs

Seamlessly integrate Preqin data directly into your internal systems and workflows.
Connect your internal system to Preqin's database to access large quantities of data, on demand.
Unlock new insights with access to live, ready-to-query data in just a few clicks.
Add Preqin data directly into your CRM or third party solutions via off-the-shelf integrations.
Save time and resources by accessing Preqin data directly from your Excel spreadsheets.
Take advantage of Preqin data anytime, anywhere with the Preqin Mobile app.
Save time and resources with direct access to Preqin data in Salesforce.

Why choose a Preqin Anywhere solution?

Augment your proprietary data

Enhance your decision-making by complementing your systems and reports, including CRM, data lake, data visualization and Excel, with critical data you can’t get anywhere else.

Seamless, error-free updates

Save time and eliminate data manipulation errors with real-time automated data delivery, giving you instant access to actionable insights.

Tailored to your needs

Utilize fully flexible data delivery solutions that meet your requirements and work with your existing software and systems.

Optimize your time and workflows

Boost your productivity with a customized delivery solution that allows you to centralize all your data seamlessly.

Discover how our Preqin Anywhere solutions can help you

Frequently asked questions

Why are there two APIs and what is the difference?

Our two API products serve two divergent use cases. The Data Feeds API is akin to a traditional data feed and is best suited to bulk transmission of entire datasets. The delivery of data is via an API (rather than an SFTP server). By contrast, the Preqin API is a transactional API, designed for clients who wish to call specific data points or smaller datasets on demand, e.g., to a CRM or analytics provider.

Why use the Data Feeds API?

This API is best for firms that wish to include Preqin data en masse in their existing workflows through bulk import of Preqin data into an internal database, data warehouse, or analytics tool. This allows you to access large quantities of data without exiting your existing platforms. Preqin data is integrated into the systems that you depend on daily.

What development resource do I need?

Our API products will typically require a software developer for implementation. To support you, Preqin's dedicated API & Data Feeds team, a 24-hour support desk, and Swagger documentation are all on hand to ensure the implementation and operation of your data solution is as smooth as possible.

If your daily operations include the use of third-party software, then a developer-free route may be more appropriate for your business. Preqin data is currently available through a range of providers including Backstop, DealCloud, Dynamo, Foliometrics, and S&P Global Market Intelligence.

How can we help you?

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