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Data Marketplaces

Access Preqin data via Snowflake or AWS

Unlock new insights with ready-to-use data integrations

Increase productivity by accessing the Preqin data you rely on via Snowflake Data Marketplace or AWS Data Exchange. These quick and cost-effective integrations allow you to securely source and analyze Preqin data from your existing Snowflake or AWS instance.

Why access Preqin data via Snowflake or AWS?

Seamless error-free updates

Eliminate the need for manual data transfers between Preqin Pro and your system.

Reduce data integration costs

Access Preqin data directly from your Snowflake or AWS instance, with a no-code solution that doesn’t require a costly API integration, or changes to access control policies.

Combine business-critical datasets

Centralize all your essential data to provide new insights and enhance your decision-making process.

Which datasets are available via Snowflake and AWS?

Discover how the Snowflake and AWS integrations can help you

What are the Snowflake Data Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange?

Snowflake is an analytic data warehouse platform for customers’ data and essential workloads, with seamless data collaboration provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). AWS Data Exchange is an Amazon marketplace for data. The Data Exchange provides a simple way to access Preqin data without the need to write any code or create complex rules to action data transfers within your AWS infrastructure. These platforms are becoming a commonly used solution among many firms in private markets, who use them to drive their internal reporting solutions.

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