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Preqin Special Report: Asia-Pacific Hedge Funds Mar 2015
In this report, we look at the state of the hedge fund industry in Asia-Pacific by examining both local funds and those from beyond its shores investing in the region. We also take a closer look at investors from Asia-Pacific using data taken from Preqin’s award-winning Hedge Fund Investor Profiles online service and the results of investor interviews carried out at the end of 2014.
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US Private Equity-Backed Buyout Deals - March 2015 Mar 2015
Following the reverse merger of H. J. Heinz Company with Kraft Foods Group, the second largest private equity-backed deal  on record, we take a closer look at US private equity-backed buyout deals from 2006 to present.
Hedge Fund Spotlight - March 2015 Mar 2015
This month’s Hedge Fund Spotlight examines the divergence of fortunes between US and European funds of hedge funds in 2014, and assesses whether this polarization is a trend likely to persist in the longer term. In addition, we look at recent European hedge fund industry activity in light of the ECB’s announcement of a new quantitative easing program, Switzerland-based hedge funds and funds of hedge funds and the most prominent prime brokers servicing hedge funds. Plus, the latest performance benchmarks, investors’ latest fund searches and mandates and details of upcoming hedge fund conferences around the world.
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The German Private Real Estate Fund Market - March 2015 Mar 2015
We provide a comprehensive overview of the private real estate fund market in Germany, including a look at historical fundraising, funds in market and investors based in the region.
The European Alternative UCITS Industry - March 2015 Mar 2015
The European alternative UCITS industry has been growing since the third iteration of the UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) directive came into effect more than a decade ago and made way for alternative investment funds to be formed under the European regulated structure. Here, we provide an overview of the European alternative UCITS industry, including funds, performance and investors, drawing on data taken from Preqin’s Hedge Fund Analyst and Hedge Fund Investor Profiles online products.
US West Coast Private Equity and Venture Capital - March 2015 Mar 2015
The private equity and venture capital market of the US West Coast is rich, evolving and possesses a particularly strong appetite for innovation. Here, Preqin provides a snapshot of activity in the states of Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.
2015 Preqin Global Private Debt Report - Sample Pages Mar 2015
The inaugural 2015 Preqin Global Private Debt Report provides an in-depth look at the rapidly expanding private debt industry. Covering a wide range of topics, with expert commentary, key trends from recent years, historical statistics, league tables and survey results, the report is an essential tool for anyone seeking to understand the latest developments affecting the industry.
Infrastructure Spotlight - March 2015 Mar 2015
In this month’s Infrastructure Spotlight, we present an extract from the 2015 Preqin Global Infrastructure Report which examines the investment plans and preferences of infrastructure investors for 2015, based on the Preqin’s most recent interviews with investors. In addition, we take a look at the latest data on African infrastructure, including deal flow and the growing number of investors targeting Africa. Also this month, we provide a breakdown of the infrastructure market in Australia, looking at deal value, the most prominent industries for deal activity and investors in Australian infrastructure. Plus, we present recent industry news, Preqin data on airport transactions, the latest infrastructure fundraising data and details of upcoming infrastructure conferences around the world.
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February 2015 Hedge Fund Performance Benchmarks Mar 2015
The latest hedge fund performance benchmarks for February 2015.
Preqin Special Report: Private Equity Secondary Market Mar 2015
This special report looks at the development and growth of the secondary market in recent years, including secondaries fundraising, buyer activity, transactions, secondary market sellers and more. Plus, view the results of our recent survey of managers of secondaries funds, which looks at the amount of capital they plan to invest in 2015, their expectations for debt usage and which types of investors they expect to be active in the year ahead.
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Private Equity Spotlight - March 2015 Mar 2015
In this month’s Private Equity Spotlight, we analyze the key findings from the results of Preqin’s recent secondary fund of funds manager survey to find out about their activity in 2014 and to assess their outlook on the secondary market for 2015. In addition, we provide the latest statistics on energy-focused private equity fundraising, European buyout deals and exits, e-commerce venture capital deals and private equity secondaries performance. Plus, we present the attitudes and allocations of investors with regards to buyout and venture capital funds, examine the latest data for fund of funds managers considering co-investment opportunities and look at recent private equity activity focused on the oil & gas sector.
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Women in Hedge Funds - 2015 Mar 2015
Preqin looks at the representation of women in senior roles at hedge funds worldwide. The results highlight that more needs to be done on gender equality.
Women in Private Equity - 2015 Mar 2015
Venture capital firms have made a notable improvement in the hiring of women in senior positions. Almost 15% of senior positions at these firms are held by women, compared to 14.0% at infrastructure firms, 13.6% at real estate firms and only 10.5% at buyout firms. 
Real Estate Spotlight - March 2015 Mar 2015
In this month’s Real Estate Spotlight we look at investor appetite for private real estate in 2015, using an extract from the recently released 2015 Preqin Global Real Estate Report, and take a closer look at investor satisfaction with their real estate investments in 2014. Also this month, we take a detailed look at the private real estate market in Germany, analyzing Preqin’s latest statistics on funds in market and Germany-based investors. Plus, recently closed funds worldwide, funds of funds targeting new commitments, investors’ latest fund searches on Preqin Investor Network, fundraising update for 2015 YTD, the latest data on fund of funds managers and upcoming real estate conferences around the world.
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Infrastructure Investment in Australia - March 2015 Mar 2015
We take a detailed look at the infrastructure industry in Australia, including deals completed in the country and the preferences of Australia-based institutional investors in Infrastructure.
Infrastructure Investment in Canada - February 2015 Feb 2015
The infrastructure industry in Canada is one of the most mature in the world. We provide a breakdown of Canada-based institutional investors and their investment preferences, as well as deals completed in country in recent years.
Preqin Investor Outlook: Alternative Assets, H1 2015 Feb 2015
Based on extensive interviews with over 440 institutional investors globally, Preqin Investor Outlook: Alternative Assets, H1 2015 takes a look at investor activity in 2014, investors’ plans for the next 12 months, their changing allocations, the fund searches they are conducting and their views on the key issues impacting their alternatives portfolios.
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Hedge Fund Spotlight - February 2015 Feb 2015
In this month’s Hedge Fund Spotlight, we present a summary of the upcoming trends and developments that industry professionals – hedge fund managers, investors and investment consultants worldwide surveyed by Preqin in Q4 2014 – have identified for 2015. We also take a look at the performance of the overall hedge fund industry in 2014 to pinpoint key trends that emerged. In addition, we examine the latest investor fund searches and mandates, notable fund managers and investors that have recently entered the hedge fund space and the latest performance benchmarks. Plus, we provide a breakdown of activist hedge funds and take a look at private wealth firms investing in hedge funds.
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2015 Preqin Global Infrastructure Report: Fund Manager Outlook Feb 2015
Infrastructure continues to develop into an established and important asset class, but as ever more players enter the market, the landscape is becoming ever more competitive. Understanding the views, concerns and future plans of infrastructure fund managers provides a vital insight into the most important issues in the infrastructure market today. This report is an excerpt from the 72-page 2015 Preqin Global Infrastructure Report and presents the results of a survey of 57 infrastructure fund managers undertaken by Preqin in Q4 2014. We are also delighted to include an interview with Karl Kuchel from Macquarie Infrastructure Partners, who shares his insight on the market.
Infrastructure Spotlight - February 2015 Feb 2015
This month’s issue of Infrastructure Spotlight features an overview of infrastructure fund managers’ outlook for the year ahead, based on a survey conducted by Preqin. In addition, we examine Preqin’s latest infrastructure data on transportation deals, including the rise in average deal size and recent notable transactions. Also this month, we look at funds closed so far in 2015, recently completed deals, investors’ fund searches for the year ahead, and all the latest infrastructure fundraising, performance and AUM data. Plus, details of upcoming infrastructure and alternatives conferences around the world.
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