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Preqin Quarterly Update: Private Equity, Q1 2015 Apr 2015
The number of funds to reach a final close in Q1 2015 was relatively low at 166, but the aggregate $104bn that was secured by these vehicles is high and indicates the average final size of private equity funds is on an upward trend. As fund managers continue to achieve successful fundraises, the amount of private equity dry powder globally continues to climb to new heights, standing at a record $1.24tn at the end of March 2015. LPs have largely maintained a positive outlook on private equity, with 92% of investors surveyed by Preqin in December 2014 stating that their private equity fund investments have met or exceeded expectations.
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Preqin Quarterly Update: Real Estate, Q1 2015 Apr 2015
Private real estate fundraising in Q1 2015 was strong, with 24 private real estate funds reaching a final close, raising an aggregate $29bn in institutional commitments, making it the most successful quarter since Q4 2013 in terms of capital raised. A large portion of this capital was accounted for by Blackstone Real Estate Partners VIII, which at $14.5bn, becomes the largest private real estate fund ever raised. Recent performance of real estate funds has been strong, with average positive changes in NAV for closed-end private real estate funds for 18consecutive quarters, and encouraging IRRs for funds of recent vintage years. As a result institutional appetite for real estate is positive and many investors are planning sizeable commitments to real estate in the coming year.
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Preqin Quarterly Update: Infrastructure, Q1 2015 Apr 2015
Unlisted infrastructure fundraising in Q1 2015 was slow, with just four funds closing on a combined $5.3bn. This represents the fourth consecutive quarter in which the total capital raised by funds reaching a final close has declined, suggesting an increasingly tough fundraising landscape. Nonetheless, institutional investors remain committed to the asset class, with 64% of investors which plan to invest in infrastructure in the next 12 months intending to invest more than $100mn, and the vast majority (87%) of investors planning to invest in multiple funds.
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Preqin Quarterly Update: Private Debt, Q1 2015 Apr 2015
There were 19 private debt funds which held a final close in the first quarter of 2015, the lowest number of fund closes since Q3 2012, when 15 vehicles held final closes. The amount of capital secured also decreased compared to the previous quarter, but was up when compared the Q1 2014. Though Preqin figures do show a drop in total fundraising for private debt funds in Q1 2015 compared to Q4 2014, dry powder within the industry has increased by 14% over the quarter to a total of $158bn across all private credit strategies.
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Preqin Quarterly Update: Hedge Funds, Q1 2015 Apr 2015
Single-manager hedge funds failed to match the same double-digit annualized returns in 2014 that were seen in the two years prior and industry observers are keen to see hedge funds fare better this year. As it stands, this appears achievable, with the Preqin All-Strategies Hedge Fund benchmark posting 2.88% over Q1 2015, its best quarterly figure since Q4 2013. Hedge fund investor activity has been buoyant over the quarter with over 100 new mandates added to Preqin’s Hedge Fund Searches and Mandates feature. Meanwhile, hedge fund managers are launching new products to meet the varying needs and requirements of investors seeking to gain exposure to the hedge fund asset class, offering vehicles that can generate returns uncorrelated to traditional markets and risk mitigation through portfolio diversification.
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Q3 2014 Private Equity Performance Update Apr 2015
We take a look at private equity performance data for Q3 2014, including horizon IRRs, changes in NAV, performance by vintage year, and Preqin's Private Equity Quarterly Index (PrEQIn).
2015 Preqin Sovereign Wealth Fund Review - Sample Pages Apr 2015
The 2015 Preqin Sovereign Wealth Fund Review is our largest and most comprehensive review of sovereign wealth funds and their investment activity yet, featuring detailed profiles for 73 sovereign wealth funds worldwide. Produced in association with PwC, this year’s edition has been fully updated, with more content than ever before. The Review contains exclusive information gained via direct contact with sovereign wealth funds and their advisors, plus valuable intelligence from filings, financial statements and hundreds of other data sources.
Q1 2015 Infrastructure Fundraising and Deals Apr 2015
We take a look at infrastructure fundraising and deal activity throughout Q1 2015.
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Preqin Private Equity Committed Capital Index as of Q3 2014 Apr 2015
Updated as of September 2014, the Preqin Private Equity Committed Capital Index (Preqin PECC Index) is the first ever index to track buyout fund performance data using a committed capital model. The Index aims to represent the returns on committed capital by including the actual amount of money invested in private equity partnerships as well as returns that the outstanding commitments will generate if invested on a risk-free basis.
Q1 2015 Private Equity-Backed Buyout Deals and Exits Apr 2015
We take a detailed look at private equity-backed buyout deals and exits in Q1 2015.
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Q1 2015 Private Equity Fundraising Apr 2015
We provide details information on private equity fundraising in Q1 2015, including a breakdown of fundraising by type and geography, as well as time spent in market.
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Q1 2015 Private Real Estate Fundraising Apr 2015
We provide a breakdown of private real estate fundraising in Q1 2015, as well as dry powder statistics and funds in market.
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Q1 2015 Venture Capital Deals Apr 2015
We analyze venture capital deal activity in Q1 2015, including breakdowns by geography, stage and industry.
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Preqin Special Report: Asia-Pacific Hedge Funds Mar 2015
In this report, we look at the state of the hedge fund industry in Asia-Pacific by examining both local funds and those from beyond its shores investing in the region. We also take a closer look at investors from Asia-Pacific using data taken from Preqin’s award-winning Hedge Fund Investor Profiles online service and the results of investor interviews carried out at the end of 2014.
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US Private Equity-Backed Buyout Deals - March 2015 Mar 2015
Following the reverse merger of H. J. Heinz Company with Kraft Foods Group, the second largest private equity-backed deal  on record, we take a closer look at US private equity-backed buyout deals from 2006 to present.
Hedge Fund Spotlight - March 2015 Mar 2015
This month’s Hedge Fund Spotlight examines the divergence of fortunes between US and European funds of hedge funds in 2014, and assesses whether this polarization is a trend likely to persist in the longer term. In addition, we look at recent European hedge fund industry activity in light of the ECB’s announcement of a new quantitative easing program, Switzerland-based hedge funds and funds of hedge funds and the most prominent prime brokers servicing hedge funds. Plus, the latest performance benchmarks, investors’ latest fund searches and mandates and details of upcoming hedge fund conferences around the world.
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The German Private Real Estate Fund Market - March 2015 Mar 2015
We provide a comprehensive overview of the private real estate fund market in Germany, including a look at historical fundraising, funds in market and investors based in the region.
The European Alternative UCITS Industry - March 2015 Mar 2015
The European alternative UCITS industry has been growing since the third iteration of the UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) directive came into effect more than a decade ago and made way for alternative investment funds to be formed under the European regulated structure. Here, we provide an overview of the European alternative UCITS industry, including funds, performance and investors, drawing on data taken from Preqin’s Hedge Fund Analyst and Hedge Fund Investor Profiles online products.
US West Coast Private Equity and Venture Capital - March 2015 Mar 2015
The private equity and venture capital market of the US West Coast is rich, evolving and possesses a particularly strong appetite for innovation. Here, Preqin provides a snapshot of activity in the states of Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.
2015 Preqin Global Private Debt Report - Sample Pages Mar 2015
The inaugural 2015 Preqin Global Private Debt Report provides an in-depth look at the rapidly expanding private debt industry. Covering a wide range of topics, with expert commentary, key trends from recent years, historical statistics, league tables and survey results, the report is an essential tool for anyone seeking to understand the latest developments affecting the industry.
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