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Ardian raises $9bn to buy bank assets

Ardian, the Paris-based private equity fund manager, has raised $9bn to buy assets from banks and insurers that are under regulatory pressure to boost their capital in the wake of the financial crisis.

Source: Financial Times, 23-Apr-2014

Hedge Funds Off to Slowest Start Since 2008

Long/short equities strategies remain favorites among investors as 2014 gets underway, according to Preqin.

Source: aiCIO, 21-Apr-2014

Hedge fund returns off to sluggish start

Hedge funds have suffered the worst start to the year since 2011.

Source: Pensions & Investments, 18-Apr-2014

Hedge funds post worst first quarter since 2008

Poor performance may spark strategy change as investors look to developed markets.

Source: IR Magazine, 17-Apr-2014

Most Alternative Investment Fund Managers Wary of Advertising

Alternative investment fund managers have by and large not utilized the marketing opportunities resulting from the JOBS Act, according to Preqin.

Source: Global Custodian, 17-Apr-2014

Hedge funds suffer worst start to year since crisis began

Hedge funds have had their worst start to the year since the start of the financial crisis as political uncertainly in Ukraine, steep falls in US technology and biotechnology shares and a whipsaw reversal in the value of the Japanese yen caught many managers by surprise.

Source: Financial Times, 16-Apr-2014

Ex-Goldman Banker Said to Seek Debut RedBird Fund

RedBird Capital Partners LLC, co-founded by a former leader of the private-equity business at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., is seeking $400 million for a debut fund to help back entrepreneurs and business owners.

Source: Bloomberg, 16-Apr-2014

Hedge Funds’ Worst Start Since 2008: Preqin

Hedge funds are coming off their worst first-quarter performance since the dark days of 2008. That’s the contention this morning from data supplier Preqin, whose all hedge-fund strategies benchmark gained a meager 1.23% for the period.

Source: Barron's, 16-Apr-2014

Hedge Funds Are Having Their Most Miserable Start To The Year Since 2008

Hedge funds are having their worst start to the year since 2008 gaining only 1.23% year-to-date, says a new report by research firm Preqin.

Source: Business Insider, 16-Apr-2014

Hedge Funds Make the Worst Start to a Year Since 2008

Data from Preqin’s Hedge Fund Analyst reveals that hedge funds have suffered their worst first quarter in terms of performance since 2008, with the Preqin All Hedge Fund Strategies benchmark up 1.23% year-to- date (YTD). 

Source: Opalesque, 16-Apr-2014

Hedge Funds Off To Worst Start Since 2008

We knew hedge funds weren't off to a stellar start in 2014, but according to data provider Preqin, they're off to their worse start since 2008.

Source: FINalternatives, 16-Apr-2014

HarbourVest rides co-investment surge with $1bn fund

Global private equity manager HarbourVest Partners has closed its third fund dedicated to co-investments, following the most active 12-month period for co-investment fundraising in seven years.

Source: Financial News, 15-Apr-2014

General partners: the musclemen who seldom use their strength

Investors in private equity have about $116 billion of their money trapped in around 1,200 underperforming “zombie” funds globally, according to a report by Preqin last year, and for that pleasure they are having to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars in management fees.

Source: Financial News, 15-Apr-2014

Competition increases for property investors

As investors seek returns from slightly riskier assets amid a more stable European economy, a certain sector has become particularly popular.

Source: Financial News, 14-Apr-2014

In M&A, the Big Spend returns

Acquirers are thinking big again. In the first quarter, there were 92 announced deals of $1 billion or more, according to The Deal Pipeline, compared to 73 for the same period last year. 

Source: The Deal, 14-Apr-2014

Private equity portfolios take off in Europe

Top private equity firms are enjoying one of their strongest periods on record, with a sustained improvement in their portfolios pushing up their valuations by as much as a third last year.

Source: Financial News, 14-Apr-2014

Two sides to private equity

In November 2013, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) issued a working paper from three academics that set out to check whether private equity (PE) returns were sufficient to compensate limited partners (LPs) for risks, long-term illiquidity and the traditional 2-and-20 fee structure.

Source: Investment & Pensions Europe, 14-Apr-2014

First-time fundraising stumbles

Newcomers have had a quiet start to the year, with just 25 debut funds attracting $5bn (€3.6bn) worth of commitments between them, the lowest value since 2008. 

Source: Real Deals, 11-Apr-2014

PE First-Timers Face Shaky Fundraising Market

First-time private equity fundraisers are facing a tough landscape, a recent study by research firm Preqin showed on Thursday.

Source: Law360, 10-Apr-2014

5 Reasons Funds Won't Touch JOBS Act Marketing Rules

Startlingly few private equity and hedge fund managers have tapped into JOBS Act provisions allowing them to advertise and conduct general solicitations to drum up support for new funds. But while the cost of marketing campaigns is often blamed, experts say bigger issues have clouded the rule tweaks that once appeared capable of changing the face of fundraising for good.

Source: Law360, 10-Apr-2014

Competition Heats Up As Private Equity Funds Seek New Capital

Signs of momentum that began to build in private equity (PE) fund-raising in 2013 look primed to gather force in 2014. Indeed, as we described in Bain & Company’s latest Global Private Equity Report, the dynamics that are coming into focus on the supply-and-demand front suggest that 2014 could be a year of transition, marking the end of one long PE cycle and the start of a new one.

Source: Forbes, 10-Apr-2014

Spain buyout fund reaches first close

Spanish private equity firm Corpfin Capital has raised €145 million for Spain’s first corporate buyout fund to reach a close in four years, amid continued signs of revival in the country’s buyout market.

Source: Financial News, 10-Apr-2014

Amount of Capital Raised by First Time Private Equity Funds Plummets

First-time funds continue to face an uphill battle for capital.

Source: Wall Street Journal, 10-Apr-2014

Q1 venture investing jumps to 2001 levels

Optimism in venture circles seems to be on the rise.

Source: PE Hub, 10-Apr-2014

Hedge funds reluctant to use Jobs Act

Preqin survey reveals more than half of US hedge fund managers believe Jobs Act will have no significant impact on industry.

Source:, 08-Apr-2014

Colombia Matches Europe on Infrastructure Spend

Four private sector Colombian pension funds are to invest $12.7 billion in road infrastructure projects over the next seven years, matching the total raised by European infrastructure funds for the whole of 2013.

Source: aiCIO, 08-Apr-2014

New European-Commercial-Property Lenders Don't Look Like Banks

A new breed of lender is playing a more important role in Europe, as the rebound in the commercial-real-estate market begins to expand from traditional areas of strength, like London and Frankfurt, to other markets.

Source: Wall Street Journal, 08-Apr-2014

Trendy new buyout clubs may let down eager patrons

Trendy new buyout clubs may disappoint their eager would-be patrons. Blackstone Group is enlisting some of its fund investors to help buy auto-parts maker Gates for $5.4 billion.

Source: Reuters, 08-Apr-2014

HitecVision raises $1.9bn in two months

Oil and gas private equity firm HitecVision has taken just two months to haul in $1.9bn (€1.38bn) for its seventh fund, $400m more than it was targeting. 

Source: Real Deals, 08-Apr-2014

Private Equity, Hedge Funds Wary Of Marketing Via JOBS Act

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) gives hedge funds and other alternative asset managers the opportunity to market their funds to a wider audience, given that it allows for advertisement and general solicitations. But Preqin’s survey of 150 private equity and hedge fund players showed that most had been slow to take advantage of these allowances.

Source: Barron's, 07-Apr-2014

Preqin Report Notes Slow Movement to Hedge Fund Ads; Cost, Uncertainty to Blame

Hedge funds and other alternative investment managers have been slow to warm up to advertising under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act.  A recent report from data provider Preqin details hedge fund managers’ thoughts on the JOBS Act and marketing their funds.

Source: Managed Funds Association, 07-Apr-2014

A Mixed March For Hedge Funds, But Industry Ends Q1 Up: HFR

The first quarter ended on a mixed note for hedge funds, according to new data from Hedge Fund Research.

Source: Barron's, 07-Apr-2014

Hedge fund managers sceptical on JOBS Act

Half of hedge fund managers believe the JOBS Act will have no significant impact on the alternative investments industry, according to a report by data provider Preqin.

Source: HFM Week, 07-Apr-2014

Preqin: Hedge Fund, PE Firms Skeptical about Impact Of JOBS Act

Private equity and hedge fund managers have been slow to take advantage of the marketing opportunities presented by the JOBS Act, which allows them to advertise and perform general solicitations to showcase their funds to a larger number of potential investors, according to a new survey.

Source: FINalternatives, 07-Apr-2014

Only 4% of hedge fund managers say to have registered to market under JOBS Act

Preqin’s recent survey of more than 150 private equity and hedge fund managers reveals that these firms have been slow to take advantage of the marketing opportunities presented by the JOBS Act, which allows them to advertise and perform general solicitations to showcase their funds to a larger number of potential investors.

Source: Opalesque, 07-Apr-2014

Fund Managers Skeptical About Impact Of JOBS Act

There was a great hoopla and clapping of hands when President Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) into law back in 2012. 

Source: Valuewalk, 07-Apr-2014

Alternative investment fund managers sceptical about JOBS Act

A survey of more than 150 private equity and hedge fund managers reveals that these firms have been slow to take advantage of the marketing opportunities presented by the US JOBS Act, which allows them to advertise and perform general solicitations to showcase their funds to a larger number of potential investors. 

Source: FTSE Global Markets, 07-Apr-2014

Bypassing the Middleman in Private Equity

Investors get more bang for the buck allocating money to private equity funds than investing alongside the funds to acquire direct stakes in companies — a practice known as co-investing, according to a new study.

Source: Forbes, 07-Apr-2014

Is the US Jobs act a dud for alternative investment managers?

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (Jobs) act came into law in the US heralding what many believed would be a watershed moment in the notoriously secretive and guarded world of hedge funds.

Source: City A.M., 07-Apr-2014

Preqin: Hedge fund and private equity managers not in rush to market funds

Private equity and hedge fund managers have yet to take advantage of the loosening of marketing restrictions in the JOBS Act signed by President Barack Obama in April 2012, according to a survey by Preqin.

Source: Pensions & Investments, 07-Apr-2014

Europe-focused 1Q private equity RE funds at record – Preqin

Europe-focused private equity real estate funds enjoyed their best fundraising quarter ever in the first three months, gathering €8.8bn, €600m more than at the previous peak in second quarter 2007, according to data group Preqin.

Source: Property Investor Europe, 06-Apr-2014

Carlyle descends into a public-private inferno

A Carlyle Group investment in Montana lays bare why so many roads are paved only with good intentions. The mayor of Missoula, a city of about 70,000 once known as Hellgate Trading Post, is trying to seize the local water utility from the buyout firm. The confrontation shows why joint efforts between public and private entities to improve infrastructure don’t proliferate.

Source: Reuters, 04-Apr-2014

Hedge Fund Advertising Off to a Slow Start, Survey Finds

Hedge funds have not exactly rushed to take advantage of their new ability to advertise.

Far from it. Only a fraction of hedge funds and private equity firms have even registered under a new statute that gives them the ability to broadly solicit capital, according to a survey to be released on Monday by the data provider Preqin.

Source: DealBook, 04-Apr-2014

Private equity shies from mass-media marketing

Just 5% of private equity managers have registered to market their funds under new rules in the US, which lifted an 80-year-old ban on private equity firms soliciting shares in private placements, according to a new survey.

Source: Financial News, 04-Apr-2014

Investcorp Joins Rush to Invest in European Distressed Debt

Investcorp, an investment firm based in Bahrain, made a splash investing in European luxury brands like Gucci and George Jensen.

Source: DealBook, 03-Apr-2014

Buyout firms Set to Cash in on Spanish IPO Comeback

Carlyle, Ardian, Permira plan listings of portfolio companies, which will be the first corporate listings in Spain since 2011.

Source: Private Equity News, 02-Apr-2014

5 Things to Know About the 1st Quarter in Private Equity

Flush with cash, private equity firms invested an increasing amount of capital during the first quarter, even as the number of deals struck fell by more than 10% compared to last quarter.

Source: Wall Street Journal, 02-Apr-2014

Private Equity: Back with a Bang

Fundraising is up, but not everyone is managing to secure the capital.

Source: aiCIO, 02-Apr-2014

Hellman & Friedman Is Said To Seek $8.9 Billion for Fund

Hellman & Friedman LLC is planning a new fund similar in size to its $8.9 billion predecessor, which would make it the largest private-equity fund this year, according to two people with knowledge of the fundraising.

Source: Bloomberg, 02-Apr-2014

Germany: Funds want it their way

The €55bn Bayerische Versorgungskammer (BVK) has no problem closing large deals on its own. Like many of the 90 German Versorgungswerke, it has massive net annual inflows from mandatory contributions which need to be invested.

Source: Investment & Pensions Europe, 01-Apr-2014

Co-Investment in Private Equity Carries ‘Substantial Risk’

Private equity advisor and fund of funds firm Altius has claimed research proves that co-investment deals are likely to produce poor returns.

Source: aiCIO, 01-Apr-2014

Real Estate Funds Have $110Bln of Dry Powder

Real estate funds targeting North America have an unprecedented $110 billion of committed equity available for investments, according to Preqin.

Source: Commercial Real Estate Direct, 01-Apr-2014

Investment capital available to private equity real estate firms reaches all-time high

Closed-end private real estate fund managers have $110 billion of equity available to make new investments, according to figures released by Preqin. The $110 billion available for investment marks an all-time high and an increase of $4 billion from December 2013.

Source: HousingWire, 01-Apr-2014

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