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Leeds Equity Makes Fundraising Comeback After Six Years

27-Oct-2016 Source: Private Equity News

HgCapital Homes in on £3bn for New Funds

26-Oct-2016 Source: Financial News

Managers Push into Specialist Private Debt

26-Oct-2016 Source: FundFire

In Through the Back Door

25-Oct-2016 Source: CTA Intelligence

Private Equity Managers Holding Cash and Returning Capital

25-Oct-2016 Source: Pensions & Investments


25-Oct-2016 Source: peHUB

Private Equity Breaks More Records

25-Oct-2016 Source: ai-CIO

Putting CTAs on South Korea’s Map

25-Oct-2016 Source: CTA Intelligence

Hamilton Lane Says Private Credit Wave is here to Stay

24-Oct-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Jersey to Bolster Unregulated Fund Offering

24-Oct-2016 Source: HFM Week

Improved Image Helps Private Equity Firms Make Inroads in Japan

24-Oct-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Slowing Transaction Activity in Seniors Housing: A Pause or New Normal?

24-Oct-2016 Source: National Real Estate Investor

Can China’s Internet Celebrities Run Successful Businesses?

23-Oct-2016 Source: South China Morning Post

As Yields Fall, Investors turn to Alternative Assets

23-Oct-2016 Source: Wall Street Journal

Pension Funds Crave More Infrastructure Projects

22-Oct-2016 Source: Financial Times

The Barbarian Establishment

20-Oct-2016 Source: The Economist

Placement Agents see Investors Growing Cautious

19-Oct-2016 Source: Real Estate Alert

Asia PE-Backed IPOs: Fits and Starts

19-Oct-2016 Source: Asian Venture Capital Journal

More Pension Fund Money Flowing to Commercial Real Estate

19-Oct-2016 Source: National Real Estate Investor

Bow Street Reboots with New Fund Lineup

19-Oct-2016 Source: Hedge Fund Alert

Distressed Debt Firm DCL Investments Raises $500M Debut Fund

19-Oct-2016 Source: China Money Network

Hedge Funds Vote Big for New York, Conn.

19-Oct-2016 Source: FundFire

Ardian Bets Big on US Middle Market Buyout Biz

19-Oct-2016 Source: FundFire

Preqin: 144 Hedge Fund Launches in Q3

19-Oct-2016 Source: Opalesque

Outlook for Agriculture Funds Positive

19-Oct-2016 Source: AgriMoney

SWFs Embrace Asian Equities, Listed Infrastructure

18-Oct-2016 Source: Asian Investor

Emerging Trends in Distressed Oil Patch

18-Oct-2016 Source: Oil and Gas Financial Journal

Institutional Hedge Fund Investors

18-Oct-2016 Source: Pensions & Investments

Hedge Funds Post Best Quarter Since 2013

17-Oct-2016 Source: HFM Week

Hedge Funds Climbed 4.06% Last Quarter

17-Oct-2016 Source: Barron's

Australia is the APAC Hedge Fund Capital

17-Oct-2016 Source: Financial Standard

Fees Creep into Co-Investments

17-Oct-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Pershing Square on Track for Worst Performance Ever

17-Oct-2016 Source: New York Post

Private Debt Fundraising Remains Low in Q3 2016

12-Oct-2016 Source: The Lead Left

Texas County ups Direct Lending Spend by $75m

12-Oct-2016 Source: HFM Week

Mesa West Tops Target for Latest Debt Fund

12-Oct-2016 Source: Commercial Real Estate Direct

Firing up for Launch

11-Oct-2016 Source: Alt Credit Intelligence

15 for 2017

11-Oct-2016 Source: Alt Credit Intelligence

US Hedge Fund Industry Holds $2.2tn in Assets

10-Oct-2016 Source: HedgeWeek

Investors Dig for Distressed Debt in Australia

10-Oct-2016 Source: Wall Street Journal

Sweden’s EQT Wraps up First US Fund with $726 Million

10-Oct-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Real Estate Fundraising Slips in Q3

10-Oct-2016 Source: Property Investor Europe

Activist Funds Change Tack to Fill up Board Seats

10-Oct-2016 Source: Financial Times

Oil Price Slump Creates Opportunities in the Gulf

10-Oct-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Portobello Eyes $500m for Latest Fund

10-Oct-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Preqin: U.S. hedge funds manage 72% of worldwide assets

07-Oct-2016 Source: Pensions & Investments

KTB Targets $200m for Third China VC Fund

06-Oct-2016 Source: Asian Investor

Managers Move to Partner Service Providers

06-Oct-2016 Source: HedgeWeek

Registered Private Funds Offer Greater Leeway

06-Oct-2016 Source: HedgeWeek

32 Funds Raised $19Bln of Equity Commitments During 3Q

06-Oct-2016 Source: Commercial Real Estate Direct

Secondaries Firms Raise Record Amounts in 2016

05-Oct-2016 Source: Real Deals

Can SVG Find a White Knight?

05-Oct-2016 Source: Real Deals

Korea’s Shinhan Opens CTA Platform

04-Oct-2016 Source: HFM Week

Private Markets Fundraising Drops in Third Quarter

04-Oct-2016 Source: Pensions & Investments

Marketing Quant Funds to Investors

04-Oct-2016 Source: HFM Week

Private Equity Fundraising Retreats in Q3

04-Oct-2016 Source: FINalternatives

Axa Combines Alternatives Units in Private Debt Push

03-Oct-2016 Source: Financial News

Private Debt Special: Why KKR is Joining Forces with the Banks

03-Oct-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Private Debt Special: European Private Debt Comes of Age

03-Oct-2016 Source: Private Equity News

Great Work Amidst Challenging Times

03-Oct-2016 Source: HedgeWeek

Strategies Targeted by Private Debt Investors

03-Oct-2016 Source: The Lead Left

Private Equity Firms are Riding High on Robust Investing

02-Oct-2016 Source: Crain's Cleveland

Buyout Duo in First-Time Fund Launch

01-Oct-2016 Source: Financial News