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570 hedge funds are members of the $1 billion club
Source: Business Insider, 29-May-2015

The State of the Hedge Fund Industry
Source: HedgeThink, 29-May-2015

Global PE Investment Life Cycle Turns A Corner
Source: Corporate Financing Week, 28-May-2015

The $1 Billion Club
Source: Financial News, 28-May-2015

The “$1 billion club” of hedge funds
Source: Funds Europe, 28-May-2015

92 per cent of hedge fund industry capital concentrated among top 11 per cent of fund managers
Source: HedgeWeek, 28-May-2015

Konzentrationsgrad in der Hedgefondsindustrie steigt: 11 Prozent verwalten 92 Prozent der Assets
Source: Institutional Money, 28-May-2015

Wealth Concentration Exists In Health Fund Industry As Well
Source:, 28-May-2015

The Morning Brief: Confirming that the Rich Get Richer
Source: Institutional Investors Alpha, 28-May-2015

HFR: Hedge Funds Invested in China, Russia Leading Volatile EM Returns
Source: FINalternatives, 28-May-2015

Billion-Dollar Hedge Fund Managers Command 92% of Fund Assets
Source: ThinkAdvisor, 28-May-2015

Top Managers Monopolizing HF Assets, Preqin Finds
Source: aiCIO, 27-May-2015

Macro strategies in favor with largest hedge fund investors
Source: Pensions & Investments, 27-May-2015

92% of hedge fund industry capital concentrated among top 11% of fund managers
Source: Opalesque, 27-May-2015

IoD urges investment boost for planes, trains and broadband
Source: Financial Times, 27-May-2015

Private equity driving M&A activity
Source: CNBC, 27-May-2015

Preqin: 92% of Hedge Fund Assets Managed By Top 11% of Funds
Source: FINalternatives, 27-May-2015

In new trend, European fund firms become banks in all but name
Source: Reuters, 27-May-2015

Kantox raises $10.9 mln
Source: peHUB, 27-May-2015

Sovereign Wealth Funds Up the Ante on CRE Investment in the U.S.
Source: National Real Estate Investor, 27-May-2015

Preqin: 92% of hedge fund industry capital concentrated among top 11% of fund managers
Source: Automated Trader, 27-May-2015

Les grands hedge funds renforcent leur mainmise sur l'industrie
Source: L'Agefi, 27-May-2015

Biggest Hedge Funds Nab (Almost) All Of The Assets
Source: ValueWalk, 27-May-2015

KKR Rolls Out Petraeus in $4 Trillion Hunt for Family Wealth
Source: Bloomberg, 26-May-2015

Five Ways of Building Your Defences
Source: Private Equity News, 25-May-2015

Small Is the Best On Offer for Buyout Firms In the North
Source: Private Equity News, 25-May-2015

Buyout Industry Faces Dutch Clampdown
Source: Private Equity News, 25-May-2015

Snow & Rock circled after LGV goes off-piste
Source: The Telegraph, 23-May-2015

Risky Loans Shunned by Banks Are Booming in Wall Street's Shadow
Source: Bloomberg, 22-May-2015

Canadian Pensions Dominate US in Infrastructure
Source: aiCIO, 21-May-2015

Preqin: CTAs Slacken Further, Single Manager Funds Gain 1.28% in April
Source: FINalternatives, 19-May-2015

Why You Should Take Advantage of Private Equity Investors
Source: Inc. Magazine, 14-May-2015

Analysis: Competition prompts SWFs to alter course on real assets
Source: Investment & Pensions Europe, 14-May-2015

Private Equity Firms See First Fall In Buyout Holding Periods Since Financial Crisis
Source: Head of Trading, 14-May-2015

Can the U.S. Commercial Real Estate Boom Last?
Source: Barron's, 14-May-2015

Private equity holding periods starting to fall
Source: Pensions & Investments, 14-May-2015

Private Equity Average Buyout Holding Period Drops To 5.5 Years
Source: ValueWalk, 14-May-2015

Five Ways to Build the Perfect Private Equity Portfolio
Source: Private Equity News, 13-May-2015

Foreign Money Is Pouring Into U.S. Real Estate, and It's Not Just Houses
Source: Bloomberg, 13-May-2015

Infrastructure - Water... And not a drop to drink
Source: Investment & Pensions Europe, 13-May-2015

Hedge Funds Lend More in Asia
Source: Wall Street Journal, 13-May-2015

Credit: Corporate Activity & Debt Supply
Source: Investment & Pensions Europe, 12-May-2015

Auction starts for Citi’s hedge fund administration business
Source: peHUB, 12-May-2015

After Scandals, Evaluating Pension Funds’ Middleman
Source: DealBook, 12-May-2015

Manager Feels Heat on IPO
Source: Wall Street Journal, 11-May-2015

Sovereign wealth funds set to become larger real estate investors
Source: Funds Europe, 11-May-2015

Hong Kong private equity group steps into legal row with stake purchase
Source: South China Morning Post, 10-May-2015

SWFs set to become even more significant investors into real estate
Source: Alpha Journal, 09-May-2015

Sovereign wealth funds earmarking more funds for real estate, study shows
Source: Investment & Pensions Europe, 08-May-2015

Sovereign Wealth Funds’ Real Estate Rush
Source: aiCIO, 08-May-2015

Liongate co-founders depart amid senior reshuffle
Source: Financial News, 08-May-2015

Funds chief comes out swinging on Sifi status
Source: Financial News, 08-May-2015

Singapore's PE and VC fund managers deployed USD9bn in 2014
Source: Asia First, 08-May-2015

Blackstone Said to Get $17 Billion in Seven Months for LBOs
Source: Bloomberg, 07-May-2015

Most sovereign funds well short of property target – Preqin
Source: Property Investor Europe, 07-May-2015

Preqin: Sovereign wealth funds now big players in real estate
Source: FTSE Global Markets, 07-May-2015

Aquila launches co-investment fund for APG hydropower strategy
Source: Investment & Pensions Europe, 07-May-2015

Alternative Investment Landscape Continues to Evolve
Source:, 07-May-2015

What Private Equity Sells vs. What They Actually Do
Source: aiCIO, 07-May-2015

All the Wall Streeters at this huge hedge fund conference are asking each other same question about fees
Source: Business Insider, 07-May-2015

For small biz, hedge funds are the new banks
Source: CNBC, 07-May-2015

Bay Area Helps State Capture Lion’s Share of Venture Capital. Again.
Source: The Registry, 07-May-2015

Credit: Debt Markets & Private Equity
Source: Investment & Pensions Europe, 06-May-2015

The world's top hedge fund managers are getting paid like it's doomsday 2008 again
Source: Business Insider, 05-May-2015

SunGard Prepares IPO, Aims to Raise Around $750 Million
Source: Wall Street Journal, 05-May-2015

Investor Appetite for Global Macro Heats Up
Source: aiCIO, 05-May-2015

Enthusiasm grows for China buyout opportunities
Source: Asian Investor, 05-May-2015

New contenders to prime brokerage
Source: COO Connect, 05-May-2015

Assessing pension fund capital risk
Source: Investment & Pensions Europe, 04-May-2015

Loan deadline sparks frenzy in real estate fundraising
Source: Pensions & Investments, 04-May-2015

Private equity looks for life beyond the leveraged buyout
Source: Financial Times, 04-May-2015

Artivest Announces Funding Round Led by KKR & Co.
Source: FINalternatives, 04-May-2015

Mezzanine Finance: Mezzanine’s brief hour in the sun
Source: Investment & Pensions Europe, 04-May-2015

Alternative assets: PE and SWFs target logistics assets in Europe
Source: Euromoney, 04-May-2015

Artificial intelligence is the next big thing for hedge funds seeking an edge
Source: Quartz, 04-May-2015

Liquid Alternatives Outperform Hedge Funds in 2014
Source:, 01-May-2015

AXA IM says there is a $1trn funding gap for EM infrastructure through 2030
Source: FTSE Global Markets, 01-May-2015

Real estate investor roulette
Source: The Real Deal, 01-May-2015

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