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Gains Shrivel in Popular Private-Equity Play

23-Mar-2017 Source: Wall Street Journal

Hedge Funds More Willing to Cut Fees as Battle for Institutions Heats Up

23-Mar-2017 Source: Investment & Pensions Europe

Profits Wane in Direct Lending to SMEs

23-Mar-2017 Source: Private Equity News

WSJ’s Daily Shot: Fantasies About America’s Next Budget

22-Mar-2017 Source: Wall Street Journal

Hedge Fund Managers Become More Flexible on Fees

22-Mar-2017 Source: HedgeWeek

Democratizing Hedge Fund Technology

21-Mar-2017 Source: HFM Technology

Private Equity Funds Anticipate Slower Fundraising Ahead

21-Mar-2017 Source: National Real Estate Investor

Private Equity Seeks to Put Energy Capital to Work

21-Mar-2017 Source: Energy Intelligence

PE Real Estate Taps the Brakes

20-Mar-2017 Source: Globe Street

Private Debt Dry Powder Reaches $220Bn Record

20-Mar-2017 Source: Foundation & Endowment Intelligence

General Partners Putting Money where their Investments are

20-Mar-2017 Source: Pensions & Investments

Private Debt Fundraising Holds Steady Above $90 Billion in 2016

20-Mar-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Fund Managers Rush to Buy Real Estate Debt

16-Mar-2017 Source: Investopedia

Blackstone Collects $5bn for Maiden Longer-Life Fund

16-Mar-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Activism in Korea? It Could Finally Work

16-Mar-2017 Source: Bloomberg

State-Backed Shadow Funds Drive up China Valuations

16-Mar-2017 Source: Financial Times

Private Debt Management Fees Drop to Eight-Year Low

15-Mar-2017 Source: Alt Credit Intelligence

Fed Rate Rise: Curb Your Enthusiasm

15-Mar-2017 Source: Financial Times

Chinese Private Equity: Look Elsewhere

15-Mar-2017 Source: Financial Times

Private Debt AUM Continues Hot Streak in First Half of 2016

15-Mar-2017 Source: Pensions & Investments

Private Debt: America vs Europe

15-Mar-2017 Source: Institutional Investor

Special Operations: Private Debt Growing Pains

15-Mar-2017 Source: Alt Credit Intelligence

Institutional Investors and Private Equity: Cracks in the Ice?

15-Mar-2017 Source: Asian Venture Capital Journal

Investors Diversify Alternative Assets Exposure in 2017

15-Mar-2017 Source: Financier Worldwide

Fund Investors Load Up on Property Debt

14-Mar-2017 Source: Wall Street Journal

Private Equity: A State of Constant Renewal

14-Mar-2017 Source: Pensions & Investments

Trump’s Powerful Infrastructure Enemy

13-Mar-2017 Source: Axios

Consultant Warns on Changing Risks in Private Debt Sector

13-Mar-2017 Source: Investment & Pensions Europe

Competition for Private Debt Deals Never Higher

13-Mar-2017 Source: HedgeWeek

Private Debt Fund Fees Fall to Eight-Year Low

10-Mar-2017 Source: Real Deals

Editor’s Choice: A Happy Coincidence

10-Mar-2017 Source: Property EU

Investors Gain Ground in Push for Lower Private Debt Costs

10-Mar-2017 Source: Investment & Pensions Europe

Private Debt Fees Drop to Eight-Year Low

10-Mar-2017 Source: Financial News

Investors Doubt Whether Portfolio Objectives will be Met

10-Mar-2017 Source: Private Equity News

SEI: Private Debt Coming into its Own

09-Mar-2017 Source: FINalternatives

Preqin: Private Debt Fund Fees Fall as Assets Soar

09-Mar-2017 Source: Institutional Investor

No Longer the Dumb Money

09-Mar-2017 Source: Institutional Investor

Private Equity’s Big Dry Powder Mountain

08-Mar-2017 Source: Bloomberg

New Force on Wall Street: The ‘Family Office’

08-Mar-2017 Source: Wall Street Journal

Private Equity Assets Rise 4% in 2016

08-Mar-2017 Source: Pensions & Investments

Private RE Steps up Co-Investment

08-Mar-2017 Source: Globe Street

Myanmar Factory used by Apax Company Employed Child Labour

08-Mar-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Transport Infrastructure: Making the Connection

07-Mar-2017 Source: IPE Real Estate

US: The Great Core Rotation

07-Mar-2017 Source: IPE Real Estate

Hedge Fund Firms Start 2016 with Whimper, End with Bang

06-Mar-2017 Source: Pensions & Investments

Apis Holds Final Close on Maiden Fund

06-Mar-2017 Source: Private Equity News

KKR Raises $13.9 Billion Private Equity Fund

06-Mar-2017 Source: Institutional Investor

PE Fund Managers Plan to Spend More on CRE

03-Mar-2017 Source: Globe Street

The Hedge Fund Got Way High off Pot Stocks

03-Mar-2017 Source: Fortune

New York Eyes Outsized Share of $1 Trillion Prize

02-Mar-2017 Source: The Real Deal

Hedge Funds Face Renewed Pressure on Fees

01-Mar-2017 Source: FundFire

Ares Cranks up Wide Direct Lending Push

01-Mar-2017 Source: FundFire

PE Investors Wave Caution Flag

01-Mar-2017 Source: Globe Street

Are Asia’s HNWIs Warming to Hedge Funds?

01-Mar-2017 Source: Fund Selector Asia

Arizona Targets $668m Private Debt Spend

01-Mar-2017 Source: HFM Investor Relations