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Investor Analyst

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Investor Analyst

Investor Analyst: The True Perspective.

Preqin’s powerful analysis tool allows users to generate instant reports comparing a specific investor’s current and planned allocations, preferences and investment plans against a tailor-made peer group.

Leveraging Preqin's detailed data and intelligence on institutional investors, Investor Analyst quickly generates reports that enhance your perspective of the alternative assets investor universe.

How Investor Analyst Can Help You

  • Investors use Investor Analyst to benchmark their alternatives programs for internal reporting and board meetings.
  • ‘Alternate Scenario Profiles’ allow users to show how proposed changes to a program would affect their standing vs. their peers. Perfect for investors or investment consultants proposing a change in approach.
  • Investor relations professionals, placement agents and third party marketers can instantly analyze any investor on the platform to gain additional intelligence and prepare reports on an investor prior to a meeting with a potential target investor.

How It Works

1. Select an investor and alternative asset class
2. Create or load a peer group of other investors for comparison
3. Generate instant visual reports


Investor Analyst can be used by:

  • Institutional investors
  • Fund managers
  • Investment consultants
  • Financial advisors
  • Investor relations professionals
  • Placement agents

Plus a wide range of other alternative assets professionals.

Key Features

  • Generate Custom Reports: create custom reports comparing a specific investor against tailored peer groups.
  • Alternate Scenarios: visualize what-if scenarios to see the impact of differences between the investor’s actual and hypothetical portfolio against custom peer groups.
  • Customize Peer Groups: custom peer groups are specified by you. Using our advanced search tools your peer group can be as granular or expansive as you wish.
  • Create Custom Charts: users have the ability to customize each chart in the report across various data points (e.g. line, bar, doughnut).
  • Download Data and Reports: custom reports can be downloaded as PDF documents, underlying data sets can be exported to Excel and high resolution images of custom charts can be saved for use in PowerPoint presentations.
  • Repeat Analysis: save reports, alternate scenarios and custom-made peer groups for future use.
  • Personalize Reports: annotate your custom reports, enter descriptions for charts and hide unwanted information before downloading.
  • Explore: found something interesting in your custom report? Link directly to investor profiles on our online platforms via Investor Analyst.
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