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Preqin's online databases, publications and services are relied upon by over 60,000 customers in over 90 countries worldwide. These customers span the entire spread of professionals involved in the alternative assets classes.

Who Uses Preqin?

Institutional Investors

Preqin's fund performance data provides vital intelligence to institutional investors as part of their strategic asset allocation and due diligence when investing in new funds. They use our information on new funds in market to help them identify new investment opportunities, and our wide range of research reports and publications to assist them in reviewing and negotiating terms for new funds.

Fund Managers

Fund managers from across the alternative assets industry use Preqin's wide range of detailed profiles to help them connect with potential investors for their new funds. Our fund performance data and online services enable them to easily benchmark their performance against their peers and our numerous analytical tools to track global market trends.

Fund of Funds

Fund of funds have a dual perspective on the market, both as fund managers themselves, and as investors in funds. As a result, they use all aspects of Preqin's services extensively in the same way as both other fund managers and other investors.

Service Providers

Our online services and publications are relied upon by service providers and other industry professionals, such as investment consultants, placement agents, prime brokers, law firms and fund administrators, to develop new business relationships and target potential new clients for their services.

In addition to these core customer groups, many other customers benefit from Preqin's unique and extensive data, helping them to analyze and keep track of the latest developments in the private equity, hedge fund, real estate, infrastructure, private debt and natural resources asset classes – globally, regionally and nationally.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about how you can benefit from using Preqin's data and services. Alternatively, you can access more detailed information on all of our products and tools across all alternative asset classes here.