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Baxon Portfolio Company Management Software

Baxon Portfolio Company Management Software

Baxon delivers market leading cloud collaboration software for monitoring, managing and reporting portfolio investment performance. The platform automates the compilation, analysis, reporting and exchange of a portfolio's financial information.

Baxon offers a fresh perspective for private equity firms wishing to complement their existing system infrastructure with a cloud solution that automates their portfolio company monitoring, performs their valuations and streamlines their LP reporting. Baxon modules:

  • Monitoring module
  • Valuation module
  • Fund analyzer
  • LP reporting suite

With its state of the art API, Baxon PCMS can integrate with any general ledger or CRM system, allowing consistent information across your back and front office systems and avoiding manual re-entry of data.

The platform is designed to manage portfolios across different asset classes and investment strategies: traditional buyouts, venture capital, infrastructure…

The Baxon team is built around private equity veterans and financial analysts who speak your language and execute best-in-class product development.

Baxon’s platform concentrates reporting information for more than 1,500 companies worldwide and clients exceeding $180 billion in assets under management.

How Baxon Works

Product Uses

  • Portfolio administration
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • LP data service
  • Investment performance/benchmarking
  • Debt management
  • Business intelligence
  • Investor relations/fundraising management
  • Real estate asset management
  • Infrastructure asset management


  • Efficiency: Baxon PCMS streamlines the entire portfolio reporting process, from portfolio company data collection to printing, exporting and distributing reports with one click.
  • Data quality and transparency: The increasing need for transparency demands a more reliable and consistent source of information from portfolio companies. Baxon PCMS offers specific features designed to increase transparency in the reporting process and grant consistency of data.
  • Visibility of company performance: Leverage our web-based technology to provide users with an interactive business intelligence tool. Create intuitive dashboards on the fly, drill down into metrics and use dynamic graphs and analytical tools to better understand trends.
  • Accessibility and collaboration: Access all portfolio information from anywhere at any time, even from your mobile phone, and without the need to install any software.

Key Features

  • Portfolio monitoring: financials, KPIs, ESG, narrative, covenant tracking.
  • Valuations meeting EVCA, ASC 820, IFRS 13 and IPEV guidelines among others.
  • Aggregation for portfolio-level reporting with slice & dice capabilities.
  • Current and forecast net IRRs by fund.
  • File repository for archiving documentation.
  • Personalized dashboards.
  • Complete traceability and audit trails.
  • Exit planning and sensitivity analysis.
  • 100% web-based live database linked to Excel.
  • Automatic reminder and approval workflows.
  • Fully and seamlessly integrated with all Legacy Systems through proprietary API.

How it Works

  1. Data collection: Portfolio companies can update their financial and operating information directly and in real time through a secure internet connection. Portfolio companies are not required to modify their current reporting structure and the whole updating process is designed to be completed within 5 minutes. Automatic reminders and approval process workflows can be set up by user system administrators to effectively manage the data collection and approval processes.
  2. Analysis and reporting: GP users can create dynamic dashboards and reports with key indicators, graphs, traffic lights and alerts which can be printed or exported to PDF or Excel. Designed with Excel at its core, what you see on-screen is exactly what you get in the downloaded Excel version. Excel spreadsheets can also be linked to the Baxon PCMS database, allowing fast creation of ad hoc reports and modelling.
  3. Collaboration and distribution: Customizable profiles and levels of access allow GPs to share online reports, interactive scorecards and document libraries with external stakeholders, such as LPs, banks, consultants or auditors.
  4. Integration with other systems: Baxon PCMS can be integrated through its API with any general ledger or front office system, such as deal flow tracking and CRM applications, to allow seamless single sign-on and bi-directional data flow.

Since Baxon PCMS is provided as a SaaS product, deployment of the solution is instantaneous and does not require any software installation in existing client IT infrastructure.

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