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2011 Preqin Sovereign Wealth Fund Review

exclamationThis item is no longer available - please use our search engine to see if it has been superceded by a more up-to-date-version.
2011 Preqin Sovereign Wealth Fund Review

The Preqin Sovereign Wealth Funds Review provides a detailed analysis of sovereign wealth funds and their activity in all different asset classes. Contains vital analysis plus full profiles for all 60 sovereign wealth funds worldwide.

Sovereign wealth funds currently control an aggregate $3.98tn in assets under management, up from $3.59tn in 2010. As their influence on the worldwide economy continues to grow, sovereign weath funds represent a vitally important source of capital, especially in terms of the alternative asset classes as they continue to increase their activity in this area.

The Preqin Sovereign Wealth Fund Review is the leading source of information on all aspects and areas of SWF investments. This year's Review contains information on the following areas:

  • Equities
  • Debt
  • Private Equity
  • Hedge Funds
  • Real Estate
  • Infrastructure

We have expanded the content of the Review significantly this year, and all existing information has been completely revised. The Review contains exclusive information gained via direct contact with firms and their advisors, plus valuable intelligence from filings, financial statements and hundreds of other data sources.

Highlights include:

  • Overview of the SWF market
  • Separate analysis sections identifying all key trends and patterns for SWF activity in each asset class
  • League table of top SWFs
  • Full profiles for all SWFs, including:
  • SWF background
  • Contact details
  • Key financial information
  • Overall investment plan
  • Asset class specific investment plans and preferences
  • Fund investments and public/private holdings
  • Advisors and consultants used
  • Key contact information, including direct email addresses and phone numbers

The 2011 Preqin Sovereign Wealth Fund Review represents a vital purchase for all professionals seeking investment or looking to work with this important investor class. It is also a comprehensive source of data and information for all those looking to find out more about this previously opaque group of investment funds.