Our Quality is in the Details

"Our clients are using our data to make reliable decisions on a daily basis, whether that's an investment decision, whether it's a decision on what investors to approach, they're building these tools, our information, into their workflow."

  • 30-Apr-2019

Whether it’s benchmarking, fundraising or understanding performance, with Preqin data, accuracy matters.

For 16 years, we’ve made quality data our number-one priority, helping you grow your network and business, raise funds and find investment opportunities. Together, our fund manager subscribers raised nearly twice as much capital as non-subscribers in 2018 and were more likely to hold onto their capital. Our fund performance benchmarks are also the most widely used by the investor community globally.

That’s why we are your one source for comprehensive alternative assets data and intelligence.

Find out more information regarding our data collection process and it's quality.

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