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Preqin Global Report 2023: Alternative Assets

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Data and insight to empower our industry

The Preqin Global Reports are the alternatives industry’s most comprehensive annual review. Drawing on our comprehensive dataset, they provide the expert insight and analysis you need to prepare for 2023 and beyond.

This companion to the Global Reports provides you with top-line data takeaways and analysis for each major asset class in alternatives.

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Explore Alternatives in 2023

Discover highlights from the Preqin Global Reports across asset classes: private equity, venture capital, private debt, hedge funds, real estate, infrastructure, and natural resources.

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CEO foreword

As the Home of Alternatives, we look forward to providing you with the most comprehensive and insightful view of the industry, to help you make the best possible business decisions.

Near-term uncertainty for alternatives

Macroeconomic headwinds are buffering private equity, venture capital, and real estate in the near term, but opportunities are still emering across the alternative asset classes.

Private equity

The outlook is particularly challenging for private equity fundraising as the denominator effect kicks in.

Venture capital

Risk appetite has taken a turn for the worse, but 2023 may prove a strong vintage.

Private debt

Private debt continues to grow in spite of macroeconomic challenges.

Hedge funds

Hedge funds experiences a tough year, but still brought value to portfolios in 2022.

Real estate

Back to square one for the global real estate market.


Post-pandemic, the fundamentals have shifted further but opportunities exist for a well-positioned infrastructure asset class.

Natural resources

Geopolitically driven supply shocks lend fresh momentum to a commodities rally.

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Browse expert thought leadership for specialist perspectives on alternative assets in 2023.

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Justin Partington, Group Head of Funds and Asset Managers at IQ-EQ

Investing in China: 3 key trends and how to identify opportunities in 2023

Guohua Gao, Chairman at CS Capital

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