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Preqin Quarterly Update: Private Equity Q2 2022
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Infrastructure Q2 2022

July 12, 2022


Infrastructure fundraising has maintained an unprecedented pace, with enough capital raised in six months as one would expect in a record year. But deployment is what matters, and with large deals falling over due to overpricing, the deals market needs to find an equilibrium for the recent raft of mega funds to get capital to work.

Alex Murray, PhD

VP, Research Insights

Energizing fundraising

As global energy markets continue to grapple with high oil prices, and Europe tries to break its reliance on Russian hydrocarbons, the private infrastructure asset class is experiencing an ongoing fundraising furore. Aggregate capital raised over Q2 reveals another stellar quarter of fund closings, at least in terms of size (Fig. 1). If Q1 this year had not delivered a clear record, with just 24 funds closing but raising a combined $72bn (52% higher than the previous record in Q4 2019), Q2 would have taken the title. However, with this quarter seeing $50bn raised by just 15 funds tracked so far, it’s a safe second place in a high-paced market.

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We'll be taking a break from publishing our Preqin Quarterly Updates in Q3 2022, but you'll be able to read our full analysis of developments and opportunities in each asset class up to the third quarter in our 2022 Global Annual Reports. Look out for them in December 2022.