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Preqin Risk Monitor

Managing alternative assets to minimize risk and maximize return

Track risks and opportunities

The alternatives landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Elevated inflation, higher interest rates, supply chain restrictions, and geopolitical tensions are increasing risk for existing and new investments.

Preqin’s deal-level research can help you navigate challenging markets in the year ahead. In our Risk Monitor series, we focus on the key issues affecting LPs in private capital markets, including asset allocation, manager selection, deal valuations, and performance. 

This page will guide you through our latest Risk Monitor content, set to be released each week.

Private markets drifted lower with public markets for the second time in three years. Even in a down market, due diligence and risk awareness can help LPs navigate volatility.

Explore our report

The Preqin Risk Monitor: Managing Alternative Assets to Minimize Risk and Maximize Return report holds key highlights from the Risk Monitor series. Read expert research and commentary providing key analysis on the risks and opportunities in the year ahead.

Discover our latest Preqin Risk Monitor content

Private capital will need to navigate weaker economics in 2023

Private markets face elevated inflation, higher interest rates, and low growth, but historic trends may ease those worries

Down markets remind LPs of the risk vs. return trade-off

As investors shifted to PE, and PE toward tech, assets outperformed while times were good but felt pressure as markets turned

High-margin companies reign supreme as markets dip

Recent events have offered insight into fund manager behavior and how assets are valued

Private markets performance drivers in 2023

As we enter the new phase of the private markets business cycle, investors should focus on value creation strategies, valuation policies, and terms and fees to drive performance

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Quantifying the performance gap between public and private equity

Performance dislocation emerged throughout 2022, but all eyes are now on where Q4 marks are being reported

Preqin Expert Voices: Deal Valuations

As deal prices fall, experts discuss whether this will be a golden opportunity for investors or a hindrance to exits

Funds growing asset revenues with some margin improvement

Buyout funds are scoring higher exit multiples on improved revenues but also benefiting from market tail-winds

Early losses don’t always spell doom for buyout performance

Some buyout deals hit a rough patch in 2022, but history suggests that down is not out

LPs should expect lower returns, but not forever

How will high-entry valuations affect the funds making deals and what impact will 2022’s backslide have on fund portfolios?

US buyout funds are paying more for less

In 2021, the average multiple paid for a US-based asset hit a record high even as earnings slid

Why LPs should expect diminishing returns from North American buyouts

The total value to paid-in capital ratio – a key indicator – shows North American buyout deal valuations have slid from 1.9x to 1.6x in the past five years

Keep up to date with the latest developments

Power data-driven investment decisions

While asset-level data can prove elusive in private markets, Preqin’s Asset-Level Benchmarks cover more than 55% of all-time buyout deals in North America and Europe. 

Explore core metrics including deal level returns, entry and exit valuation multiples, net leverage, fund loss ratios, and operating statistics.

Inform your investment approach with Insights+

When it comes to pursuing an effective alternatives strategy, data is key. Powered by Preqin data, Preqin Insights+ provides unmissable market intelligence. 

Access our industry-leading research, including Global Alternatives Reports, Investor Outlooks, Quarterly Updates, our Portfolio Allocation series, and more.

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Discover views from your industry peers and keep up with the latest event updates.

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