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2018 Preqin Alternative Assets Performance Monitor

The 2018 Preqin Alternative Assets Performance Monitor compiles the alternative assets industry’s latest performance data and the analysis of more than 28,700 funds.





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The Preqin Alternative Assets Performance Monitor provides a snapshot of the information held in our databases. It offers detailed statistics, league tables, charts and analysis of alternative assets performance.

The 2018 edition of this yearly report spans all asset classes, including private equity, private debt, real estate, infrastructure, natural resources and hedge funds.

New to this year's report are league tables for public pensions funds based on one-year horizon net returns generated by their private equity fund investments. 


This year's content includes:

  • Analysis based on performance data for more than 28,700 funds worldwide
  • 107 unique league tables of top performing funds, most consistent top performing managers and 'funds to watch' 
  • An industry-wide overview and analysis of performance trends
  • A preview of important issues such as fund manager selection, regional opportunities and first-time fund managers
  • Examination of risk vs. return for different asset classes and strategies
  • Public Market Equivalents (PME) – compare private capital performance relative to public markets
  • Data on assets under management and dry powder by asset class
  • Investor outlook on alternatives performance


  • Compare your performance against that of your peers
  • Assemble marketing materials and presentations
  • Gain insight into the methodologies behind different measures of performance
  • Examine historical trends across various asset classes
  • Understand investor sentiment in the industry with our latest global investor survey results

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