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Preqin Global Reports 2023

The alternative assets industry’s most comprehensive annual review – exclusively with Preqin Insights+

Data and insights to empower our industry

Access expert commentary on fundraising, fund managers, AUM, investor appetite, deals, and performance across each alternative asset class. Preqin Global Reports leverage our extensive database to provide invaluable analysis and forecasts to prepare you for 2023 and beyond.

Available exclusively with Insights+

Alternative assets AUM to reach $23.3tn by end-2027

Against a backdrop of global macroeconomic challenges, demand for private capital continues to grow, with the industry’s relative resilience adding to its appeal. Our forecasts indicate that global alternatives AUM will surpass $23.3tn by end-2027, up from $13.7tn as of the end of 2021.

Stay on the pulse with unmissable industry forecasts and deep analysis from Preqin Insights+. Access our flagship research reports, like Preqin Special Report: The Future of Alternatives in 2027.

Analysis for 2023 and beyond

Not sure where to start? Review the topline insights for each asset class. To unlock the full power of our Preqin Global Reports 2023, sign up for Preqin Insights+.

Unleash the power of data

While the 2023 Global Alternatives Reports are globally renowned for their breadth and depth of analysis on private markets, our mission at Preqin goes beyond providing excellent analysis. Our goal is to improve transparency in alternative assets.

That's why each report also comes with a supplementary Data Pack containing the underlying charts and figures in the 2023 reports.

Ensure you get the full data-driven analysis on the markets in 2023 when you subscribe to Preqin Insights+.

Private equity

Outlook particularly challenging for private equity fundraising as denominator effect kicks in

Venture capital

Risk appetite has taken a turn for the worse, but 2023 may prove a strong vintage

Private debt

Private debt continues to grow in spite of macroeconomic challenges

Hedge funds

Hedge funds experienced a tough year, but managed to bring value to portfolios

Real estate

Back to square one for the global real estate market


Post-pandemic, the fundamentals have shifted further but opportunities exist for a well-positioned infrastructure asset class

Natural resources

Geopolitically driven supply shocks lend fresh momentum to a commodities rally

Our free Alternative Assets in 2023 report

Preqin Global Reports: Alternative Assets in 2023 is the free companion report to our Preqin Global Reports, giving you an overview of the key industry developments.

Expert analysis from alternatives industry leaders

Along with in-depth research and analysis of our extensive dataset, the annual Preqin Global Reports also host expert insights from the biggest names across the international alternative assets industry. Discover key analysis from industry leaders, as they share their views on the trends and tailwinds defining the private markets landscape today.

Preqin Global Reports 2023 Webinars

Watch our experts deep dive into the data underpinning each asset class report, providing a detailed outlook on industry trends going into 2023.

The webinar series covers each of the asset classes: private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, real estate, infrastructure, and private debt.

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