Venture Dry Powder

by Adam Counihan

  • 31 Mar 2010
  • PE

Data from Preqin’s Fund Manager Profiles product reveals that the amount of estimated venture dry powder available to firms has increased each year December 2004, rising from $102.4bn to $160.62bn in March 2010. However, the rate of this increase has slowed significantly since December 2007, when there was an estimated $159.8bn capital available to venture firms.

In terms of estimated venture dry powder by region, North American-focused venture funds have the most dry powder, with $82.1bn available as of March 2010. However, this has decreased since its peak in December 2007, when North American-focused venture funds had an estimated $89.7bn to draw on. In contrast, Asia and Rest of World-focused venture funds have seen the estimated capital available to them increase each year since December 2003, it stands at $47.7bn as of March 2010. European-focused venture funds currently have the lowest level of estimated dry powder with $30.8bn. In previous years, European-focused venture funds had more estimated dry powder than Asia and Rest of World-focused venture funds.

Estimates derived from Preqin data shows that US early stage fund manager New Enterprise Associates has the most venture dry powder, with just under $3bn available to the firm. California neighbour Technology Crossover Ventures has the second-largest pool of available venture capital, with dry powder estimates of $2.5bn.

For a comprehensive, detailed source of information on private equity fund managers, including information on current and historical dry powder levels across fund types, regions and fund sizes, please see our Fund Manager Profiles.

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