Venture Capital Fundraising

by Siobhan Brewster

  • 22 Sep 2010
  • PE

The Preqin database provides details for over 3,500 firms located across the globe making venture capital investments, of which 1,365 manage specific closed-end venture capital funds. Over 3,700 venture vehicles have raised $558 billion since 1998, with primarily North America-focused funds consistently raising the most capital each year. The largest annual amount raised was by funds closing in 2000; this record figure came as a result of the dot-com boom. Primarily North America-focused funds were responsible for raising 75% of the $84 billion raised by venture firms in 2000 and account for 63% of the total capital raised by the sector since 1998. However, Asia and Rest of World-focused funds have become more prominent within the venture market, and were responsible for 37% of the $62 billion raised in 2008.

49% of the 1,365 venture fund managers are headquartered in North America. Europe hosts 25% of venture firms, and Europe-focused funds have raised 16% of aggregate capital commitments to venture funds raised between 1998 and 2010. 25 Europe-focused funds have closed in 2010 to date, raising an aggregate $7.6 billion in capital commitments. Just under a fifth of venture firms are located in Asia and Rest of World, and this figure is likely to increase as emerging economies continue to develop.

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