Unlisted Infrastructure Funds in Market Targeting Clean Technology – October 2012

by Bogusia Glowacz

  • 17 Oct 2012
  • INF

The cleantech infrastructure market has grown in recent years, with a demand for socially and environmentally friendly investments from many institutional investors and an increasing number of investment opportunities available within this space.  The 2012 Preqin Global Infrastructure Report shows that 42% of active investors in infrastructure have either invested in a fund targeting cleantech and renewable energy assets or would consider investment in these industries going forward.

Preqin Investor Network currently monitors 153 unlisted infrastructure funds in market, including 42 funds seeking to gain exposure to the clean technology sector. Cleantech-focused infrastructure funds are looking to raise $16.4bn (an equivalent of 18% of the aggregate target size of all infrastructure funds on the road) with an average fund size of $431mn, compared to the average size of $617mn for all infrastructure funds currently in market.

In terms of geographic focus, half of cleantech infrastructure funds in market are currently looking for investment opportunities in Asia and Rest of World, followed by 31% focusing on Europe and 19% targeting the North America. Infrastructure fund managers raising cleantech vehicles are mainly based in Europe (48%), and the remaining 29% and 24% of GPs are headquartered in North America and Asia and Rest of World respectively. An example of a Europe-based infrastructure manager raising a cleantech fund focused on Asia and Rest of World is InfraMed Management. This Paris-headquartered fund manager is currently raising the €1bn InfraMed Infrastructure which is set to seek investment opportunities in development of energy, transportation and urban infrastructure projects throughout the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region as well as Egypt.

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