UK-Based Investors in Private Real Estate Funds

by Forena Akthar

  • 23 Jun 2010
  • PE
  • RE

UK institutions are an important source of capital for real estate managers both on a domestic and international basis. In 2010, they account for 10% of all investors worldwide by number. A considerable proportion of such investors are pension funds: 38% are public pension funds and 21% are private pension plans. 8% are real estate fund of funds managers. Real estate fund managers that commit some of their own, or their client’s capital to third-party funds, account for 6% of UK investors. 15% are other types of institutional investors, such as banks and investment companies.

UK-based institutions will invest across the risk/return spectrum, although the most targeted strategies by these investors are value added and opportunistic. This is consistent with the entire real estate investor universe. There is also a strong preference for low-risk open-ended core funds, with 31% allocating to such vehicles. 30% seek fund of funds vehicles; these investors may not have the resources to diversify their portfolios through a series of direct fund commitments.

In terms of location preferences, 96% of UK-based investors allocate to European funds, and 31% have a preference for funds focusing on North America. The proportion of investors interested in Asia and Rest of World (38%) is slightly higher than the proportion interested in North America. This suggests that investors from the UK are keen to gain exposure to emerging markets.

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