UK-Based Early Stage Venture Capital Firms

by Nicholas Jelfs

  • 27 Apr 2011
  • PE

Preqin’s currently holds information on 110 UK-based venture capital firms that make early stage venture capital investment either exclusively, or as part of a broader investment strategy. Over the past 10 years, these firms have collectively raised USD 23.9 billion and have an estimated USD 7.1 billion remaining in dry powder.

Of these 110 firms, 65 are based in London with the remainder situated in other major cities across the UK, with most associated with high levels of research, technology and development such as Cambridge, Birmingham and Edinburgh. 22% of the firms target their investments solely in the UK, with almost 64% focusing only in Europe. 70% of the UK-based early stage venture capital firms have an early stage investment strategy as part of an exclusive venture capital investment focus, with the remaining 30% adopting early stage investing as part of a broader private equity strategy.

Balderton Capital has raised one of the largest pools of capital for early stage venture capital investing across the UK, with four funds raised to date for an aggregate USD 1.5 billion. The firm targets early stage opportunities across Europe, and invests in Asia and North America opportunistically. It provides capital throughout the life of its portfolio companies, and can make late stage investments if appropriate.

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