Private Equity Quarterly Fundraising – Q2 2012

by Nicholas Jelfs

  • 09 Jul 2012
  • PE

Preqin’s data shows that during the second quarter of 2012, 132 private equity funds held a final close, raising an aggregate $65.3bn in capital commitments. Compared to the previous quarter, this is a slight decrease in both the number of funds closed and the aggregate capital raised, when 167 funds collected a total of $68.1bn. Despite this, fund managers evidently are still able to attract significant amounts of capital from investors; in Q2 2012, 14 funds held a final close of at least $1bn, with the largest fund to close being the AXA Secondary Fund V, which collected $7.1bn in capital commitments from investors.

Buyout vehicles raised the most capital in Q2 2012 with 25 funds collecting $24.9bn in capital. This represents a 51% increase in buyout capital raised compared to the previous quarter, when 22 buyout funds raised $16.4bn. The second largest amount of capital raised in the period by a single fund type was $8.8bn raised by six natural resources funds; four out of six of these funds raised over $1bn each. This was followed by real estate funds, which raised $8bn in Q2 2012 from 26 funds. However, venture capital was the most abundant fund type in terms of number of funds to close in Q2 2012, with 32 venture capital funds holding a final close and raising $4.7bn.

Out of the 132 private equity funds that closed during Q2 2012, 51% are primarily focused on investment opportunities throughout North America. These vehicles account for almost 60% of the aggregate capital of all funds closed in the second quarter of 2012. Twenty-six percent of funds to reach a final close during the quarter are predominantly Asia and Rest of World-focused vehicles, while the remaining 23% are mainly focused on making investments throughout Europe. In terms of capital raised, Europe-focused funds collected 27% of the aggregate commitments made during the quarter, compared to 14% by Asia and Rest of World-focused vehicles.

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