Private Equity Fund Managers Based in Spain

by Jessica Duong

  • 07 Mar 2012
  • PE

Preqin’s research shows that there are currently 80 private equity firms headquartered in Spain. The latest data from the Fund Manager Profiles database shows that collectively, these firms have raised more than EUR 7.2 billion in investor capital over the last 10 years, and have an aggregate EUR 2.1 billion available in estimated dry powder. Just under half of these 80 companies target venture capital opportunities, either exclusively or as part of a broader investment strategy, and 29 of the 80 Spanish firms incorporate buyout transactions into their investment strategy.

The top five private equity firms in Spain, in terms of the total funds raised in the last 10 years, are Mercapital Servicios Financieros, Magnum Industrial Partners, N+1 Private Equity, Portobello Capital and MCH Private Equity.

Mercapital Servicios Financieros supports the growth of mid-sized Spanish companies by steering their internationalisation process, and by investing in Latin American companies looking to speed up their development. Magnum Industrial Partners focuses investment exclusively on the Iberian region, targeting mid-to-upper middle market companies in Spain and Portugal. Both private equity firms have raised almost identical amounts over the last decade, raising approximately EUR 960 million in funds each, although Magnum has more dry powder currently available. According to Preqin’s dry powder estimations, Magnum has EUR 320 million at their disposal, compared to Mercapital’s EUR 263 million.

None of these top five firms, which have raised an aggregate total of EUR 3.3 billion over the last ten years, are currently in market with a private equity fund. They do, however, have a collective EUR 832 million in estimated dry powder at their disposal for investment.

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