Private Equity Annual Distributions as of 30th September 2013

by Vasilisa Starodubtseva

  • 04 Jun 2014
  • PE

Preqin’s Performance Analyst currently encompasses performance figures for over 6,800 private equity funds. Using this data we can examine annual amounts of distributed capital for the entire private equity industry. 

The annual amount of capital being distributed back to investors has been seen to steadily increase from the start of the millennium until 2007, peaking at $354.5bn in 2007. This period was then followed by a significant reduction due to the slowdown in exits as a result of the global financial crisis, with figures almost halving to $143.2bn in 2008. However, as the exit environment subsequently picked up in the years following the downturn, a steady increase in the annual amounts being distributed has been witnessed, with distributions in 2011 standing at $392.2bn, surpassing the peak of 2007, and exceeding contributions for the first time in six years. 

2013 has seen a strong exit environment and distributions through 2013 looks set to be on record pace with $418.4bn distributed to LPs during the first 9 months, exceeding total distributions during 2012.

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