Preqin Integrates Data with Wharton Research Data Services

by Preqin

  • 01 Oct 2019
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  • VC

As interest in private markets grows at an unprecedented rate, Preqin partners with Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) to facilitate academic research into the industry. 

Robert Zarazowski, Managing Director of WRDS: “With so much activity in alternative markets, Preqin offers researchers tremendous insights covering firms, funds and individual investors. We know that Preqin data will be deeply valued by our global research community.”

The alternative assets industry is notoriously opaque, and information on private markets is traditionally difficult to source. Preqin’s mission is to improve transparency and access to data within the industry, so we have taken the step of partnering with WRDS (a part of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania) to provide private equity & venture capital data to their researchers. This reflects Preqin’s commitment to bolstering academic research into the industry, and marks the first time private market data has been added to the WRDS platform.

Preqin’s data constitutes the most wide-ranging and granular source of information on the industry. With data compiled over almost 20 years, Preqin tracks over 17,000 fund managers and 8,000 investors. Through monitoring their activities, Preqin’s database includes information on almost 25,000 alternative asset funds, over 300,000 deals & exits, and benchmarks backed by more than 10,000 fund-level return records. Academics can now access all this data to enhance research and education through WRDS.

Shaping the Future of Private Markets with Alternatives Education
In helping to educate the next generation of private market leaders, Preqin data is transforming the future of the alternative assets industry. “We are honoured to be a provider of private market data to support academic research, and we are proud to be a part of empowering new understanding of how these markets operate,” says Preqin’s CEO, Mark O’Hare.

See how Preqin data is interpreted by academics and students to power their research through Preqin Scholar. Universities around the world curate our data into reports and analysis spanning the alternatives industry.

Preqin provides academics with award-winning data through WRDS. Request access to our private equity & venture capital datasets on WRDS.

About WRDS
WRDS provides the leading business intelligence, data analytics, and research platform for global institutions. A part of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, WRDS enables comprehensive thought leadership, historical analysis, and insight into the latest innovations in academic research. WRDS’ rigorous data review and unique array of services offer access to a suite of analytics, research support, and classroom tools. WRDS is a leader in impactful research.

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