Preqin Adds Deal- and Asset-Level Data to Real Estate Online

by Andrew Moylan

  • 22 Jun 2016
  • RE

We are delighted announce that we have expanded our real estate offering to provide an even wider view of the private equity real estate market. Real Estate Online is the only service that can provide information on all areas of the private real estate asset class, including institutional investor, fund, performance, deal and asset data.

Our expanded real estate module now features detailed data on the deals and exits made by real estate private equity firms, the assets that they own, the brokers and other service providers they work with, and the firms they invest alongside. Our comprehensive deal and exit coverage includes detailed information on deal size, the type and location of assets purchased or sold. Plus, the service now allows you to gain an even greater understanding of an investor’s real estate portfolio, by exploring the assets it has gained exposure to through its fund commitments or direct investments.

In our first report exploring real estate deals, we investigate how fund managers are changing their investment approaches to adapt to market conditions. Sixty-seven percent of fund managers interviewed by Preqin stated that it is harder to find attractive opportunities than it was a year ago, and many are moving towards smaller assets, targeting portfolio transactions or niche sectors in order to find pockets of value in the market.

Preqin’s newly expanded Real Estate Online is an indispensable tool for all firms looking to market funds, develop new business or find new partners in the coming months. Click here to learn more about this powerful service.

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