Placement Agent Use of Funds in Market

by Nicholas Jelfs

  • 11 Jul 2011
  • PE

Preqin’s Funds in Market product has information on 1,676 funds currently in market seeking capital commitments. Collectively, these funds are seeking an aggregate USD 675.5 billion in LP contributions, and have successfully raised USD 111.6 billion so far through 680 funds holding interim closes. Preqin’s extensive research reveals that 374 of these funds are actively using a placement agent to help reach their target amount.

Of the funds that have enlisted the help of placement agents, 156 have a primary investment focus on North America, and are collectively targeting USD 97 billion in commitments. Asia and Rest of World-focused funds have 110 vehicles that are actively using placement agents, and are seeking USD 43.0 billion, and 108 European-focused funds, with an aggregate target of USD 59.5 billion use placement agents. Real Estate funds have engaged placement agent use the most, with 98 funds enlisting their help. 69 buyout vehicles use placement agents, and 43 growth funds being raised with the help of placement agents.

Credit Suisse Private Fund Group is helping to raise capital for the most funds that are in market, with a total of 17 funds currently seeking USD 11.9 billion. This is followed by MVision Private Equity Advisers which is helping to raise 13 funds, and Greenhill Fund Placement Advisory Group and Park Hill Group which are both helping to raise nine funds. Park Hill Group is helping to obtain the largest amount of target capital, with the aggregate target of the 9 funds under management at just under USD 22.4 billion. This is followed by Credit Suisse Private Fund Group which is assisting in raising funds with a collective target of USD 11.9 billion, and MVision Private Equity Advisers which is aiding funds that are hoping to raise USD 11.1 billion.

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