Overview of Venture Capital Deals, Q1 - Q2 2013 YTD – June 2013

by Gemma Morris

  • 13 Jun 2013
  • PE

As we approach the end of Q2 2013, Preqin's Venture Deals Analyst shows that there have been 2,321 venture capital financings so far this year, with an aggregate deal value of $17.3bn.

The number of financings occurring month by month is on average 432 between January and May 2013, and despite the number of deals being of the average value in March, this month saw a far lower aggregate value of financings. In comparison to January and February, where aggregate deal value was $3.2bn for both months, the figure for March was lower, at $2.7bn. Again, the months following March reached higher aggregate deal value - $3.2bn and $3.5bn in April and May respectively. So far in June, Preqin has recorded 159 announced deals at a value of $1.6bn. When looking at the average recorded deal size for each month this year, the month showing the highest average is June, which has an average deal size so far of $12mn, 62 percentage points higher than in March when the average only reached $7.4mn. For other months so far, the average has remained between $9mn and $10mn.

Regarding larger venture capital financings, February saw a number of deals over the $100mn mark, such as the $110mn raised by LivingSocial from a consortium of investors. Pinterest surpassed this figure, raising $200mn from its series D round; AirWatch also raised $200mn in series A funding from Insight Venture Partners. In comparison to February, March was a quiet month in terms of larger sized financings, with only one deal over $100mn announced - the $130mn financing of Supercell led by Index Ventures and Institutional Venture Partners. More recently, there has been more activity in terms of larger venture capital deals, contributing to the previously mentioned higher aggregate deal sizes and average deal values since March. Despite no deals as large as those aforementioned during February, during May alone, Preqin has recorded four deals over $100mn, the largest being Intrexon Corporation’s $150mn series F round from Third Security. This month so far we have seen Lamoda, a Russian online fashion house, receive $130mn funding.

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