Nyppex launches private equity pricing on Preqin's Secondary Market Monitor

by Kerry Pogue

  • 28 Jul 2009
  • PE

Nyppex, a leading secondary private market advisory, trading and research firm for illiquid assets, is providing price indications for interests in private equity and private equity real estate partnerships, at no cost to qualified investors on Preqin's Secondary Market Monitor.

The Nyppex Private Equity Fund Portfolio Pricing Service will allow LPs to evaluate, without obligation, private equity portfolio rebalancing alternatives 24/7 and to transact, via a secure online connection at Preqin.

Preqin’s Secondary Market Monitor offers an ideal solution for investors concerned with the lack of information on pricing for secondary market transactions. Although reports of private equity fund interests changing hands at massive discounts to NAV are true, there have also been transactions occurring at more satisfactory levels for sellers. As a result, many investors remain uncertain as to the best course of action for their planned secondary market sales.

Furthermore, one of the major issues for investors considering selling private equity fund interests has been the expense and time involved. Gauging interest in private equity funds on the secondary market can be a complex and lengthy process and many investors would rather keep their identities private during these initial stages of a secondary market transaction. Complete anonymity is another attractive feature of the Secondary Market Monitor service.

Nyppex provides independent secondary market bid indications for LP and GP interests in over 14,000 private partnerships headquartered in 52 countries. Sectors include buyout, venture, co-investment, natural resources, real estate, distressed debt, leveraged loans, fund of funds and hedge funds.

The private equity secondaries market is a rapidly evolving and non-transparent market. The new Preqin Secondary Market Monitor provides vital intelligence for sellers, buyers and advisors. Click here to find out more.

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