Number and Aggregate Value of Private Equity-Backed Buyout Deals in 2011 by Value Band

by Jessica Hull

  • 22 Dec 2011
  • PE

Private equity-backed buyout deals valued at less than $100million made up over half of the number of deals in 2011, yet the aggregate deal value only amounted to 7%. Global small-cap buyout deals (deals valued less than $249 million) made up nearly three-quarters of the number of deals; however, these deals only accounted for 17% of the aggregate value. Mid-market deals saw the largest proportional shift from 2010 to 2011 with the number of deals increasing by two percentage points, from 18% to 20%, yet the aggregate value only jumped one percentage point, from 46% to 47%.

In 2011 YTD, the number and aggregate value of global deals announced that are valued at over $1 billion was 7% and 47% respectively. In comparison to the whole of 2010, the proportion of deals valued over $1 billion has only dropped off by one percentage point, with deals valued at over $1 billion representing 46% of the value of deals in 2010.

During 2011 YTD, there have been 2,727 deals with an aggregate deal value of $256.4 billion. This has been a marked increase from 2010, when a total of 2,450 deals were announced, valued at $218.4 billion. This increase in the number and aggregate value of global buyout deals masks the irregularity in the level of deal flow experienced throughout the year, a result of the growing doubt and uncertainty experienced in the eurozone, together with poor growth figures in North America and the worry of the effect on emerging markets, making the level of deal flow in 2012 difficult to predict.

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