North America-Based Infrastructure Investors – January 2013

by Paul Bishop

  • 22 Jan 2013
  • INF

Preqin's Infrastructure Online database is currently tracking 629 active North America-based investors in the infrastructure asset class, representing 36% of the global infrastructure investor universe. North America-based investors have an average current allocation to infrastructure of 3.23% and an average target allocation of 5.9%. These investors have mean assets under management of $28.2bn.

Of these North America-based investors, pension funds are the most active type, with 42% of investors being either public or private pension funds. Public pension funds are the most active single type of investor, with 24% of all North America-based investors falling into this category. Other notable types of North America-based investors include endowment plans, foundations, and insurance companies each representing 14%, 13%, and 9% of the total respectively. The majority of this group of investors are based in the US, with 85% of all investors based there. The remaining 15% are based in Canada, which are among some of the largest and most experienced investors.

In terms of route to market, 92% of North American investors access the infrastructure asset class through unlisted fund commitments, making it the most popular route to market within the region. Investors based in North America which consider direct investment opportunities account for 15% of the total. Listed fund commitment is the least popular single route to market with only 9% of investors open to these opportunities. The vast majority (93%) of North America-based investors in infrastructure utilise a primary equity investment strategy. Eleven percent of investors consider making debt/mezzanine investments, while 8% consider making fund of funds investments. Investors that consider acquiring fund interests on the secondary market account for 3% of the total.

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