Nordic-Focused Private Equity Fundraising

by Kamarl Simpson

  • 14 Feb 2011
  • PE

Preqin data shows that there are 25 Nordic-focused funds currently on the road seeking aggregate EUR 5.6 billion in commitments. 48% of these funds have already had at least one interim close, raising EUR 0.9 billion in total. Real estate vehicles are the most numerous fund type targeting investment in the Nordic region, accounting for 10 out of 25 funds on the road and seeking a total of EUR 3.6 billion.

The largest fund currently in market that intends to invest in the Nordic region is Niam Nordic V. The vehicle is an opportunistic real estate fund targeting commercial and residential property investments aiming to raise EUR 600 million.

The largest Nordic-focused buyout fund currently on the road is Axcel IV; the fund is targeting EUR 402 million for investment in medium-sized Danish and Swedish companies across a range of industries.

Data from Preqin’s Fund in Market product reveals that private equity fund managers based in the Nordic region are responsible for raising over half (17) of the funds currently on the road aiming to invest primarily in the Nordic region. 24% (six) of the managers are based in Sweden, 20% (five) based in Finland, and three fund managers are located in both Denmark and Norway. The UK is home to four fund managers currently raising funds primarily seeking investment in the Nordic region accounting for 16% of the funds currently on the road.

In 2010, 14 Nordic-focused funds closed raising EUR 3.8 billion in aggregate capital. The EUR 2.25 billion Triton Fund III was the largest fund to close in 2010. The fund invests in mid-market buyout transactions in the business service, industrial, computer service and consumer arenas with a particular focus on German-speaking and Nordic countries.

For more information on private equity fundraising please see Preqin's Funds in Market product.

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