Nordic Infrastructure Investors

by Elliot Bradbrook

  • 05 May 2011
  • INF

Preqin is currently tracking 82 active infrastructure investors based in the Nordic region. These investors have median assets under management of $2.8bn. Nordic investors have a mean current allocation to infrastructure of 3.2% of total assets, and the mean target allocation for these investors sits at 3.8%. On average, Nordic-based infrastructure investors have capital reserved for infrastructure investments over the coming 12 months.

Sweden is home to more infrastructure investors than any other Nordic country, 27% of all investors in the region.  24% of active investors are based in Denmark, while 23% are located in Finland and 22% in Norway.  A further 4% are based in Iceland. These investors seek opportunities in a range of geographic regions: 65% seek investments in European funds/assets and 27% look for investments specifically in Scandinavia. 27% of Nordic infrastructure investors are looking for opportunities in the US and 18% are targeting emerging markets, including 13% specifically within Asia. 44% will invest globally.

These 82 investors are made up of a range of investor types.  Public pension funds represent 27% of the universe, with insurance companies and private sector pension funds each accounting for 22% of the total. Asset managers make up 7% of Nordic investors in infrastructure, government agencies represent 5%, and investment companies, family offices and foundations each make up 4%.

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