Massachusetts-Headquartered Private Equity Real Estate Firms

by Sarah Unsworth

  • 24 Jun 2011
  • RE

There are currently 40 private equity real estate fund managers headquartered in Massachusetts. They have raised an aggregate $30.7 billion over the past 10 years through real estate funds. The best fundraising year for Massachusetts-based firms was 2006, when 12 funds closed having raised $5.9 billion in equity from investors. 2007 and 2010 were also strong fundraising years for Massachusetts-based real estate firms, with a total of $5.7 billion raised both years from eight and nine funds respectively.

One of the major firms headquartered in Massachusetts is Beacon Capital Partners. Of all real estate funds managed by Massachusetts-based firms that closed in the past 10 years, the largest three were managed by Beacon Capital Partners. Beacon Capital Partners Strategic Partners IV, V and VI were value added funds that invested in the US and Europe. Another major Massachusetts-based firm is TA Associates Realty, who have raised over $5.6 billion from five real estate funds in the last decade.

There are currently 21 real estate funds in market that are managed by Massachusetts-based firms, seeking to raise $2.6 billion in commitments from investors. The largest such fund currently in market is CrossHarbor Institutional Partners II, which is seeking $750 million in capital. The fund operates debt and opportunistic strategies and is managed by CrossHarbor Capital Partners.

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