Make-Up of Investors Types in Private Equity Real Estate

by Forena Akthar

  • 09 Sep 2009
  • RE

There are many different types of investor currently committing to private equity real estate, the most common being public pension funds, which account for 26% of all investors in the asset class. Endowments and family offices/foundations each represent 12%  of investors interested in private equity real estate funds and are closely followed by private sector pension plans which account for 10% of investors. Insurance companies and asset managers constitute 7% and 6% respectively of the overall total, with real estate fund of funds making up 5% of the investor base. Banks and superannuation schemes each account for 3% of the private equity real estate investor universe and the remaining 16% is made up of other investors including private equity fund of funds, real assets fund of funds, sovereign wealth funds and corporate investors.

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