Investment consultants in the infrastructure asset class

by Dami Sogunro

  • 10 Feb 2011
  • INF

The Preqin Investment Consultant database has 121 profiles of investment consultants active in the infrastructure asset class. These firms provide a variety of services to their clients, including investment due diligence, manager search and selection, and performance measurement.

The majority (61%) is based in North America, with just under a third (31%) based in Europe. The European firms are mainly based in the UK, which makes up just fewer than 12% of all firms and is closely followed by Switzerland (7%). The remaining 8% of firms are located in Asia and Rest of World, primarily in Australia but also in countries such as South Africa and India. Just over half (51%) of investment consultants active in infrastructure provide both discretionary and non-discretionary advice to their clients. Of those who only focus on one service type, 36% consult only on a non-discretionary basis and 12% consult only on a discretionary basis.

Infrastructure consultants on the Preqin Investment Consultant database have a wide and diverse client base. They are most active in North America, with 75% of firms having clients based in that region. Fifty-six percent of firms have European-based clients and 48% have clients in Asia and Rest of World.

Of all investment consultants active in infrastructure, only four firms focus solely on the infrastructure asset class. Out of the 121 consultants in total, 84% also provide real estate consulting and 89% also consult on private equity investments. Just over 70% also provide general consulting services to their clients and have the capacity to consult on both traditional and alternative investments.

For more information on infrastructure investment consultants and the infrastructure investors they advise, please see how our Infrastructure Online service can assist you.

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