Infrastructure Fundraising in Central and South America – September Update

by John Mather

  • 19 Sep 2012
  • INF

Preqin Investor Network is currently tracking 22 unlisted infrastructure vehicles directly targeting assets (rather than other funds) which are seeking investment opportunities within the Central and South American markets, eight of which have held a first close, two of which have held both first and second closes, and the remaining 12 of which are still raising towards a first close. In terms of manager location, eight of these vehicles are managed by firms based in Central and South America, including seven in Brazil, and a further seven vehicles are managed by firms located in the US. Other prominent manager bases for Central and South America-focused infrastructure funds on the road include the UK and Switzerland.

Infrastructure vehicles focused on Central and South America are presently targeting an aggregate $9.1bn in investor commitments, an equivalent of 9.5% of the total capital being sought by infrastructure funds worldwide. All these vehicles target investments in economic infrastructure sectors, highlighting the growing demand for the development of core infrastructure assets in the region. The energy sector is the most prominent industry targeted by infrastructure funds with a Central and South American focus, with 16 of such vehicles investing in energy, renewable energy or cleantech opportunities. Other popular industry types targeted include sea ports and transportation, with ten and eight of these vehicles looking to invest in them respectively.

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